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Watch out! Equifax scams lurk online, tricking folks into revealing personal info. Check about Equifax Alert Text Scam and Does it Send Messages?

Smishing (text messages) tricks people from the United States into revealing their Equifax details. Scammers exploit personally identifiable information (PII) of Equifax by opening fake accounts, stealing identities, and committing fraud, causing financial harm to unsuspecting Americans! Let’s uncover details of latest Equifax Alert Text Scam and Does it Send Messages?

About Equifax Alert Text Scam:

Yes, Equifax sends text messages, usually related to important updates about their credit reports, alerts on suspicious activities, or reminders for credit monitoring services. But, recently, Gareth Kentish, New York Police Department Deputy Inspector and Commanding Officer of 49th Precinct, tweeted about fraudulent Equifax messages! With this, you can understand severity of issue.

Twitter post was created at 10:35 PM EST on January 24, 2024 message stated to Americans “Your credit score has dropped. To know more details, visit message was sent by 1(141)020-0500.” 

About Equifax Alert Text Scam

Scammers utilize contact number 1(141)020-0500 in different ways, discussed in below sections. 

Does Equifax Send Text Messages?

  • Yes, Equifax has several fraud alerts. A fraud alert is a notice on your credit reports that informs creditors about potential fraud or identity theft.
  • There are two types: Initial (for possible fraud) and extended (for proven identity theft).
  • Credit bureaus share such information, so you only need to contact any one credit bureau.
  • To set up a fraud alert and text message alerts, navigate to myEquifax/Alert Settings on, call (800) 685-1111, or download Alert Request Form. 
  • If Credit score monitoring alerts are included, they offer updates on score changes and shifts between score bands.
  • Financial Alerts are available in specific Equifax plans, which can be subscribed to and enabled via Alerts tab.

Uncovering Equifax Alert Text Scam:

Netizens reported receiving messages about—

  1. Marketing of A/C wrap for windows and side doors of cars and trucks on sale for $495,
  2. Fake donation requests of Julie Leach Foundation and NM Foundation,
  3. MyRewards and Amazon Gift Cards,
  4. New job opportunity at,
  5. Requests to verify my WellsFargo accounts, ChaseBank, Citi bank, etc.,
  6. Winning eVoucher of $174
  7. Telemarketing
  8. Credit Unions,
  9. NGOs/NPOs, and
  10. Fake senders’ names as – Bank Of America/America10/Arnold Lin/At&T/Best Buy/Chase Bank/Claudia Butcher/Collins Bote/Cryptonews.Blockch.Club/Ebay/Facebook/At&T/Bofa/3133514465@Usamobility.Net/Fpchan11@Msn.Com/Service Dept Pay Pal/H.M Revenue And Customs/Hire@ Flexmarketing/Hkciti.Com/Ahmtdep.Com/Marsha Krug Superday Homesdvd/Mikemang/Msuzanne/Mtl Attchin/National Lottery/Netflix/Pentagon Protection Department/Pfchan@Khciti.Com/Poh Freddii@Hkciti/Prefer And Invest/Prorealty@Centurytel.Net/Fifth Third/Fedx/Sykesconstruction.Com/Textforfree.Net/U.S. Bank/UPS/Western Union Money/Www.Ahcxmalawi.Com/Home Depo, and more

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A History Of Miss-Outs: Equifax Alert Text Scam!

Equifax, a major credit reporting agency, suffered a severe data breach in 2017, exposing sensitive information of over 145 million Americans, revealing Equifax’s flawed cybersecurity system, disregard for warnings, delayed breach notification, inadequate consumer assistance, taking undue advantage of federal contracting loopholes, risking IRS taxpayer data! 

Effects Of a Score Drop! 

Equifax scores, like a financial report card, impact Americans’ ability to borrow money. A higher score opens doors to better loan deals, while a lower score can mean higher interest rates or loan denials. It influences everything from buying a home to getting a job, making it a crucial financial factor. We understand that you now know Does Equifax Send Text Messages.

✅ Note: NONE of genuine Equifax alerts/messages include third-party website links!⚠️

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These facts proved that Equifax text scam is not an isolated incident, and 1(141)020-0500 is NOT only number used for Equifax scam! key to safeguarding yourself is never letting out your PII on SMS and unauthentic URLs and to connect on genuine Equifax website and customer service numbers. Equifax Alert Text Scam is a high-end plot.

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