Noah Kahan Brother And Sister, Who Are His Siblings?

Noah Kahan brother, along with his sisters, is exceptionally proud of Noah’s accomplishments and achievements as a singer and songwriter.

Kahan is a talented and well-known American singer-songwriter. In 2017, he signed a record deal with Republic Records.

His song “Hurt Somebody” was very successful. It went gold in the United States and appeared on charts in several countries.

He released “Hurt Somebody” as a single and an EP before launching his first album, Busyhead, in 2019.

Over the next five years, he made two more albums: I Was/I Am in 2021 and Stick Season in 2022.

Stick season was his biggest commercial success. It led to Noah Kahan being nominated for Best New Artist at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

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Noah Kahan Brother And Sister, Who Are His Siblings?

Noah Kahan’s brothers, Simon and Richard, have managed to stay out of the spotlight even though Noah is famous now.

Not much information is available about Simon and Richard. But they clearly have a close relationship with their brother Noah and support him in the demanding music industry.

Like Noah, Simon and Richard grew up in a nurturing family that encouraged creativity and individuality. 

Noah Kahan brother
A beautiful picture of Noah and his three siblings (Source: Instagram)

Even though their brother is famous, Simon and Richard have chosen to lead private lives. Specific details are not publicly known about Richard Kahan.

Noah and his sister Sasha also share a passion for music.

But like her brothers, Sasha has been able to live a private life away from Noah’s fame. Not much about her is known publicly since she keeps her privacy.

It’s evident, though, that Sasha has a close bond with her brother. While she is active on Instagram, her account is private, allowing her to control who interacts with her.

Noah Kahan Parents 

The singer of “Stick Season,” Noah, was born in 1997, as of now, 2024, 27 years old.

Noah Kahan’s parents raised him and inspired many of his most popular songs.

His parents are Lauri Berkenkamp and Josh Kahan. In his songs, Kahan often talks about his parents and the struggles he went through as a kid and after his parents got divorced.

In the song “Growing Sideways,” he sings about still being angry at his parents for what their parents did to them.

Noah Kahan brother
The image of the Kahan family in one frame (Source: Instagram)

In “Stick Season,” he shares how he hopes to heal from the “darkness” he inherited from his dad.

Kahan told VT Digger in January 2023 that while some of his lyrics are critical of his parents, they exaggerate things.

His lyrics didn’t really shock his parents. He said his parents have been understanding and supportive of him.

Noah Kahan Ethnicity 

Noah Kahan’s fans are curious about his ethnic background, but the popular singer-songwriter has not publicly discussed his heritage.

While Kahan himself has not provided details, it is believed he likely has a white European ethnic background.

His father comes from a Jewish family, while his mother is of Christian faith.

So even though the exact details are unknown, it seems Noah Kahan has a mixed religious and ethnic upbringing from both parents.

Although specific details about Noah’s heritage is not known, it seems he grew up with a mix of religious and ethnic influences from both his parents.

Furthermore, this diverse background, shaped by various traditions and values, likely played a big part in forming Noah’s unique outlook and artistic style, adding depth and authenticity to his work.

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