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Have you learned about recent Smk Tulungagung Viral Tiktok Video that is trending on the Twitter platform? Learn from this post to know about it.

Do you admit that in adolescence, teenage kids used to go to an extra extent to attract their opposite gender? Have you also thought that adolescent kids need to be aware of infatuations, love, careers, etc.?

Even here in this article, we will talk about a school kid who acted inappropriately to impress his partner but ended up becoming a viral topic in Indonesia, France, and the United States. Let us see the Smk Tulungagung Viral Tiktok Video of a guy in a detailed manner.

Insights about Smk Tulungagung Viral TikTok Video

Tulungagung is a small place in East Java, Indonesia, and there is a vocational school named Smk. Recently, a guy named Monic’s explicit video and images started to circulate on the internet. As of now, 26 videos and 20 indecent images have been uploaded. 

Monic has a girlfriend, and to impress her, he used to send his private images and videos. Now, all those media files are leaked on TikTok and other platforms. But as his parents contacted the government child protection unit, the videos and images were deleted.

Insights about Smk Tulungagung Viral TikTok Video

Smk Tulungagung Viral Twitter

The private and explicit videos were rooted in the Tulungagung region, and that’s why the video got its name, Smk Tulungagung. In one of the videos, he wore the school uniform so that we could also trace his school details. As he is a small boy, the media is not sharing his images or Smk Tulungagung Viral Twitter videos.

As per the sources, the viral video possesses only Monic and his indecent images of him alone. The footage was circulated on the Twitter platform as well. But Twitter has community guidelines to protect the safety of children, and Monic is a school kid, hence his video was removed from the platform.

Smk Tulungagung Viral Twitter

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Video Smk Tulungagung Viral Ripple Effects

After the video of Monic spread all over the Indonesian region, Monic’s parents were frightened about the life of their son, so they rushed to the government children’s protection unit, and a case was filed against the person who uploaded his explicit video online. The Secretariat has handled the case, led by Ipda Fatahillah Aslam. Hence, the 

Video Smk Tulungagung Viral clips were removed from the internet.

Video Smk Tulungagung Viral Ripple Effects

Rumours related to the Tulungagung video

There are lots of rumours that have emerged since the video went viral on the internet. Some people shared that the video shows two kids who had intimate activities with each other, and those were friends. 

However, another set of sources claims that there were groups of SMK kids doing inappropriate activities. Smk Tulungagung Viral Twitter video became the focal point of rumours. As of now, only the parents of Monic lodged a complaint to remove the video; if it contained more kids, their parents could have rushed to police officials as well. Hence, the video was all about Monic.


We have explained the background story of the Smk Tulungagung Viral TikTok Video. It might have been a heartbreaking moment for the parents of Monic because seeing their own son’s privacy and dignity vanish by a group of people is painful for them. But thankfully, government officials put in lots of effort to eradicate his private videos immediately.

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What are your thoughts about this Monic incident? Kindly share your insights in the comments section.

Disclaimer: The article shares inappropriate videos of a school kid.

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