Who Is Lauren Lyle Boyfriend

Who is Lauren Lyle dating? Enthusiastic followers of Lauren are eagerly interested in her private life, seeking glimpses into her romantic involvements.

Lauren Lyle is a Scottish actress best known for her role as Marsali Fraser in the Starz drama series Outlander.

She also played peace protester Jade Antoniak in the BBC show Vigil in 2021.

More recently, Lyle starred as Detective Sergeant Karen Pirie in the 2022 ITV crime drama Karen Pirie, based on the novel The Distant Echo.

For her performance in Karen Pirie, Lyle won Best Actress Television at the 2023 BAFTA Scotland Awards. She also took home the Audience Award for Favourite Scot on Screen.

In addition to her acting roles, Lyle hosts a podcast called She’s a Rec’, where she interviews female guests about influential albums, films, books, and women in their lives.

Overall, Lyle has found success in both television and podcasting over the last few years.

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Who Is Lauren Lyle Boyfriend – Is She Secretly Dating Patch Bell?

Fans of Scottish actress Lauren Lyle are curious about her relationship status.

There is speculation that Lauren may be dating fellow actor Patch Bell. The two have not officially confirmed that they are in a romantic relationship.

However, Lauren and Patch have posted some suggestive photos together on social media, leading some to believe they are a couple.

Specifically, Lauren shared an Instagram photo in January 2023 of herself, Patch, and some other friends visiting Dalyan, Turkey.

In the photo, Lauren and Patch appear quite close and affectionate, fueling rumours. This cosy vacation image has prompted questions about whether the two actors are dating.

Lauren Lyle boyfriend
An image of Lauren Lyle and Patch Bell together (Source: Instagram)

As of now, Lauren Lyle and Patch Bell have not provided any public statements clarifying the status of their relationship.

Also, they may simply be close friends who took a trip together. However, some fans theorise there could be a budding romance based on the Instagram posts.

Ultimately, whether Lauren and Patch are dating remains speculation without confirmation from either party.

But observers continue looking for clues on social media for evidence that the two may be more than friends.

Both actors likely understand fans’ curiosity but are staying quiet for now regarding their exact relationship. Any official updates would certainly receive much attention from eager fans.

Lauren Lyle Dating Timeline 

Lauren Lyle, best known for her role in the Starz drama Outlander, is quite private about her personal relationships.

While fans are curious, she has not publicly shared many details about her current or past dating life. As far as is known, Lauren has never been engaged or married.

Some speculate that Lauren may be romantically involved with her Outlander co-star, César Domboy, who plays her eventual on-screen husband.

Lauren and César have very convincing chemistry in their roles on the show, which prompts questions about whether they are together off-screen as well.

Fanning these rumours, Lauren and César seem to spend a good amount of time together ff-set. They often post photos of each other on social media, looking quite close.

Lauren Lyle boyfriend
Lauren Lyle and Cesar Domboy attending the 2022 premiere of “Outlander” Season Six in London, England (Source: AmoMama)

However, neither Lauren nor César have confirmed actually being in a relationship. Their apparent bond could simply be a natural result of playing an intimate couple on TV.

Still, some online fans and viewers persist in wondering or speculating if Lauren and César’s friendship has become romantic.

But without any statement from either party, the true status of their relationship remains private. Lauren is clearly fine keeping details of her dating life under wraps.

So unless she decides to address the rumours, fans may never know if she and her Outlander co-star César are more than just good friends behind the scenes.

Like much of her personal life, Lauren prefers to keep romance out of the spotlight.

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