Zé Do Paredão Allegedly Leaked Natalya Neri’s Intimate Video, Oh Poleticos Reacted

Recently, a controversy took the internet by storm, involving Zé Do Paredão, Oh Poleticos, and Natalya Neri. This controversy is creating a stir and captivating everyone’s attention across the world. Reportedly, the artists have got involved in accusing each other. The trend of accusing one another started after a raunchy video of Zé Do Paredão’s ex-girlfriend Natalya Neri with him leaked on the internet. Yes, you heard it right, a video that shows Zé Do Paredão and his ex-girlfriend in a compromising position, has surfaced on the internet. Readers who are getting curious to watch the video, are suggested to go through the article till the end before heading to the link of the video. Swipe down the page.

Zé Do Paredão

Zé Do Paredão Allegedly Leaked Natalya Neri’s Intimate Video, Oh Poleticos Reacted

Speaking of the content of the video, the protagonists of the viral video are Latin music performer singer Zé Do Paredão and his ex-girlfriend Natalya Neri from Brazil. For the unversed, Natalya Neri is currently in a relationship with Oh Poleticos who shockingly reacted to the leaked video. However, Oh Poleticos came in support of his current girlfriend and defended her. Additionally, Oh Poleticos accused the Latin music performer Zé Do Paredão of allegedly leaking the raunchy video of his girlfriend. Continue reading this article for more details.

Oh, Poleticos reportedly said the ongoing viral video of Zé Do Paredão and Natalya Neri is not current. According to him, it was recorded when Natalya Neri and Zé Do Paredão dated each other for a short time. After defending his current girlfriend, Poleticos added that Zé Do Paredão leaked the video in jealousy of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend. But the Latin music singer abruptly denied all the allegations against him levied by Oh Poleticos. Swipe down the page to read what he said.

While denying the allegations, Zé Do Paredão said he did not leak the video. He vehemently thrashed the allegations against him and said he neither had access to this video because Natalya Neri recorded the video on her mobile and she never sent it to him. On one side, Oh Poleticos is accusing Zé Do Paredão of leaking the video, on the other hand, the singer is vehemently denying the allegations to leave the audience in a frenzy to know who leaked the intimate video. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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