Ceres Fauna Real Face Reveals

Breaking News: Ceres Fauna real face revealed. Yes, the virtual YouTube has officially revealed her face. She has revealed her real face recently and has stunned everyone. Have you seen his face yet or not? You might also not know about her personal and professional life. So here we are with all the valid information of YouTubers. We have brought Ceres Fauna Wikipedia and the details of her age. We have brought some more information about her professional life which you can read out through this article. So read this article till the end and do not miss any line of this article and do not miss any line of this article.

Ceres Fauna

Ceres Fauna Real Face Reveals

Ceres Fauna is a virtual YouTuber channel that is associated with Hololive, which is a virtual talent agency that consists of Virtual YouTubers, it is owned by a Japanese tech entertainment company which is known as COVER Corporation. Ceres Fauna is mostly famous for sharing gaming content on the Ceres Fauna Ch, hololive-EN channel. Her YouTube channel has been subscribed by more than 822k subscribers as of January 2024. She started her YouTube channel in 2021. She has claimed that she prefers privacy and she also claimed herself in a beautiful anime. Continue reading about her in the next paragraph of this article.

YouTube video

Ceres Fauna is famous as a VTuber. Her fans are very excited to learn about Ceres Fauna’s real face and life. Some people on social media recently claimed that she had revealed her face. But sadly, this rumor is completely fake. Till now she has not revealed her real face and identity. Nobody knows what she looks like in real life and even nobody knows about her real name. She has maintained great privacy and she has not revealed many things about her life and family. Scroll down to learn more.

Ceres Fauna considers to not reveal her face. She just loves to keep her life private and she does not love to reveal many things about her life. But as per her anime appearance, she has beautiful green color hair with bluish-green at the tips. Her hair is a little long below her shoulders. She has beautiful flower petals on her hair and antlers which look like tree branches with some leaves on them. She has beautiful yellow color eyes with a beautiful mark below her right eye. She wore a dark green and light green dress with golden elements.

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