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What is Queen Shalini Viral Video And Mms? Is it a Photo trending on TiktokInstagramYoutubeTelegram, and Twitter? Also, read about her Age.

Why is Queen Shalini Viral Video And Mms trending? Who is Shalini? What is her full name? What does Shalini do? Where does Shalini live? What is Shalini’s Age? Is there any video of Shalini that has gone viral? People from India are trying to seek information on Shalini and all the information about her.

Queen Shalini Viral Video And MMS

Shalinee Yadav is a Bhojpuri actress and model as well. As per the reports, a video of her has been going viral that has explicit content. In the footage, Shalinee has been reported to be seen in a compromising position. There was a man with her, and the video went viral for all the wrong reasons as per sources. 

As per the Viral Photo from the video, the man and Shalini are clearly visible in the video. The clip has been available on many indecent websites. Many sites are claiming to provide the video or link to the video of Shalini Yadav. But most of the links and claims are clickbait or fake. 

Queen Shalini Viral Video And MMS

What is Shalini’s Age?

As per the research, Shalini was born on the 29th of October, 1994. That means she is only 29 years old as of now. She has been working in the Bhojpuri film industry for a long time. The credentials of her birthplace have not been confirmed yet. In some places, it is mentioned as Patna Bihar, and somewhere, it is written as Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh. 

She has an Instagram account and other social media accounts. We will discuss everything related to her, which is known. Shalini might be a famous Bhojpuri actress. However, not many people know her in the mainstream Bollywood industry. Also, most netizens pay attention to mainstream celebrities, and no one notices minor actresses. Thus, there is a lack of information about Shalini. 

What is Shalini's Age

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Youtube Channel of Shalini & More

Shalini’s social media details will be provided here. Thus, if you want to visit Shalinee Singh’s social media accounts, read the article carefully. 

She has more than 3 thousand subscribers. 

Shalinee has more than 3 thousand subscribers.

She has two profiles on Instagram and Facebook as well. The links that appeared correctly are provided above. 

Additional Details

People are also trying to search for her other social media accounts, such as Twitter and TikTok. However, no official account link has been found yet. Shalini wrote her name as ‘Shalinee.’ This is a common reason why nobody sees her on social media: She writes her name’s spelling differently. 

Also, there is confusion regarding her surname. Somewhere, it is mentioned as Singh, and somewhere, it is Yadav. As per Telegram details, many people claimed that the clip leaked on the internet as her MMS is actually a clip from a film.


In today’s article about Bhojpuri actress Shalinee, we have talked about her viral MMS video. However, it is old news that has gone viral once again. However, we are unable to find any links to the video on Tiktok or anywhere. If you wish to know more about her, watch this video.

Do you know Shalinee? Please comment on your reviews about Shalinee.

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