Is Svh Travel Scam Or Legit: Check Detailed Reviews Here

A singular YouTube video and an I-frame of a related website show the behind-the-scenes business—Uncovering Is Svh Travel Scam or Legit Reviews.

No matter how many shades fraudulent investors paint, the actual colors come out under the light of the digital realm. It is the story of SVH Travel agency from the United States, calming to be popular worldwide. Let’s examine how a single Reddit blog busted multiple websites deeply associated with Reviews of Is Svh Travel Scam or Legit.

Is Svh Travel Scam or Legit?

Since the beginning of January/2024, people started receiving messages and emails about job opportunities at SVH Travel. The Reddit community blog @r/Scams focused its attention on the legitimacy of the messages received as if SVH Travel were informed about $19 to $22 for a remote travel agent profile!

Is Svh Travel Scam or Legit

The Reddit blog @svh_travel_scam received a massive response, with several users informing that they also received text messages. Several users reported that Edwin, a travel agent/recruiter, contacted them. However, the mystery deepened as Edwin was featured as CCO and Co-founder of the travel agency offering the job profile.

The unique Svh Travel Reviews Reddit post exposed: 

The unique Svh Travel Reviews Reddit post exposed

  1. The email address as,
  2. On accessing, users were redirected to an I-Frame
  3. offered a webinar tries to convince applicants to join as travel agents
  4. is a web page within, popular as Book with Jacob (BWJ).
  5. BWJ offered standard membership at $49/Month and annual membership @ $33/month.
  6. The subscription includes training to build your business as a travel agent, booking procedures, and so-called financial freedom with an 80% commission!
  7. The subscription also provides 20+ hours of training videos, 30+ suppliers, travel agent certification, E&O insurance, CRM Access, Custom Website, and an option to cancel membership anytime.

Analysis of Is Svh Travel Scam or Legit compared to

Index Svhtravel.Com Bwjagents.Com
Trust 100% 97%
Business Rank 100% 100%
Registration Date 11-07-2001 01-12-2022
Update Date 01-10-2022 15-06-2023
Renew Date 11-07-2026 01-12-2028
Domain Age 22 Years 1 Year
Domain Rating 5 0.1
Domain Authority 19/100 3/100
Mozrank 2.6/10 0.9/10
Page Authority 26/100 /100
Suspicion Score 9/100 9/100
Threat Profile Nil 8/100
Phishing Score Nil 3/100
Malware Score Nil 8/100
Spam Score Nil 1/100
Ssl Type Low-Domain Validated Certificates (Dv-Ssl) Low-Domain Validated Certificates (Dv-Ssl)
Ssl Validity 76 Days 331 Days
Registrar Godaddy.Com Llc., Iana Id: 146 Godaddy.Com Llc., Iana Id: 146
Tranco Traffic Rank Low Low
Svh Travel Reviews of Blacklisting Status Not Blacklisted Not Blacklisted
Country Of Origin Usa Usa
Connection Protocol Valid Https Valid Https
Isp Wix.Com Ltd. Godaddy.Com Llc
Organic Traffic 276/Month 73/Month
Traffic Value $129/Month $65/Month
Demography United States(77%), United States(100%),
United Arab Emirates(17%), Canada, And
South Africa(5%), Australia
Norway(0%), And
United Kingdom(0%)

The scamming plot:

As informed about access to its 30+ suppliers (travel agencies), it is speculated that SVH Travel agency may be one of its clients, as travel booking often involves capturing customers from various outsourced/third-party agencies. Taking advantage of the business loopholes of job seekers about Is Svh Travel Scam or Legit, utilizes the reputed brand names of its 30+ suppliers to build its own MLM/pyramid business!

The scamming plot

Click here to know more about PayPal scams, as surprisingly, BWJ’s YouTube videos were present on the @SVHTravel YouTube channel. Hence, their business strategy needs to be verified!

Social media links:

Svh travel scam?
byu/Due_Land_1786 inScams

Conclusion: tries to impress its applicants by informing them about its 1k+ BWJ Agents, 52k+ Trips Booked, and most importantly, $12M+ Commission Paid! and its brand are legitimate due to excellent trust and business scores, low suspicion proximity, and long-time existence. However, BWJ is possibly unauthentic due to its business practices and as a new startup.

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