Pros and Cons of the Different Types

One of the easiest ways you can transform a room is by installing window shades. There are so many varieties to pick from, from fabric Roman shades to plantation shutters and roller shades. Rest assured, you will be spoiled for choice, but the key is to go for functional and comfortable window shades. This will determine the amount of light that comes in and the privacy you get. So, how do you get the correct type of window coverings? Let’s look at a few examples, their upsides, and the drawbacks of getting each. 

Types of Window Shades and Their Pros and Cons

These window shades offer an exquisite look to the entire house and are available in various colors to complement your room’s interior. If you are an individual who enjoys classics, these shutters should be your go-to option. Among the pros of these types of shutters is that they enhance the look of the house and in addition, they subconsciously increase the property value of the home. You will, however, have to make due with the occasional maintenance. 

Weaved shades are your greatest option if you prefer a natural appearance. They are great for blocking out UV rays and are made from natural, eco-friendly materials. The style is not easily replicable by other materials, and, fortunately, you can find these shades in various color options. Woven shades are versatile and usable without privacy backing or light control. The downside to this type of shades is that it doesn’t last long as it is prone to weather, and if not covered, the edges can be damaged.

They work in rooms where you want a low-profile shade option for an affordable price. Roller shades are perfect for contemporary spaces if you don’t want them to also act as a noise dampener. They are pretty easy in terms of installation and operation, not to mention the fact that they come with a sleek, minimalistic style. Roller shades are an affordable option that offers good light filtering. Downsides to this type of shade include the fact that it is not the best option as far as insulation is concerned, and it can be noisy during operation. 

This style can fit almost any type of house, whether modern or traditional. They come with cord fabrics that are attached to the rings in the back, providing a plump look, kind of like a balloon. To most people, this shape offers them a pleasing aesthetic feature. 

Among the pros of balloon shades include the quick installation and the fact that the unique design gives it an advantage in just about any home. The drawbacks include the regular maintenance it requires and the fact that you get less privacy. It is also not great in corporate and professional environments. 

When it comes to a type of shade that has been around for quite some time but remains a unique and timeless classic, this is the one to get. They are available in a variety of styles and can be custom-made for your specific window. And whatever type you settle for, they add a nice touch to your rooms and windows. 

Installation is also quite simple, not to mention how easy it is to operate them. Roman shades, however, come with several downsides. The first one is that they don’t last long, as the fabric is prone to wear and tear. They will also take up some space because of the stack they create at the top of the window.  Roman shades are also not as flexible as their counterparts. Lastly, they could become a safety hazard for house pets or small children because of the strings that create loops when pulled, thus causing strangulation. 


As you can tell from what we have gathered above, there is no right or wrong window shade for your home; they all come with their benefits and downsides. It, therefore, all comes down to what you want and the type of look you are going for. The different sizes, textures, and colors are perfect for different homes and scenarios, and you have the option of having them motorized or automated for the best experience.  


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