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Recently, a controversy erupted surrounding the viral video of Prince Terry Chua who is a renowned Singaporean influencer. Prince Terry Chua has a fair extensive fan following on the internet. Moreover, his stardom and fan following can be analyzed through his numbers of followers on Instagram and TikTok where he has more than 80K and 54K respectively. The rising career of the Singaporean influencer was left with an indelible mark of a scandal linked to Yubo, a dating app. In case, you are also scrambling to the web regarding the viral video of Prince Terry Chua, this article is for you. We have explained the entire controversy in detail in the following sections. Swipe down the page and take a look below.

Prince Terry chua yubo Video

Prince Terry Chua Yubo Scandal Video Viral On Twitter, Controversy Explained

Terry Chua, a popular influencer from Singapore is currently embroiled in a leaked video controversy. It is said that the scandalous video of Prince Terry Chua is trending on Twitter where many users have posted it publicly in the wake of gaining some numbers of followers. Two Twitters, Captain91178 and jingjiren_z, have posted Prince Terry Chua’s Yubo video. Since the scandalous video of the TikTok star surfaced on Twitter and other social networking sites, it is trending on all platforms. To learn about the scandal, go through the following section.

YouTube video

Speaking of the controversy surrounding Prince Terry Chua’s Yubo video, the Singaporean influencer was involved in inappropriate talks with a girl on the dating app. The concerning point is that the girl is said to be an underage girl, raising concerns about the safety of Yubo users, especially underage girls. The misbehavior of Prince Terry Chua toward a minor girl has caused a stir and thrust him into scandal. The whirlwind of the Singaporean influencer also has reached other countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia. Drag down the page and take a look below.

Many users are trying to retrieve the video of Prince Terry Chua, but it has been almost removed from all the social networking sites. Therefore, it is quite difficult to find the video on the public platform. However, Telegram is the platform where the scandalous video still can be found easily. This article does not encourage the readers to find and watch the leaked video of Prince Terry Chua because watching or possessing sexual content involving minors is a criminal act and is punishable. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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