What Is Samina Hamied net worth? Cipla VC Steps down as Cipla executive VC

Here we are going to introduce to you a woman who holds a key role in a Rs. 1,01,000 crore company. The niece of a billionaire with a Rs. 20,740 crore net worth. Do you know whom we are talking about? So we are talking about Samina Hamied. She is one of the most trending women at this time. her name is trending on Twitter (X). Her name is making rounds on several social media platforms. A lot of people are currently talking about her. She is viral right now because it has been recently announced that she has stepped down as Cipla’s executive vice chairperson. This is the biggest breaking news of current time. Now read this entire article to learn every single thing about her.

Samina Hamied

What Is Samina Hamied net worth?

Samina Hamied is a well-known personality. She was known as the Executive Chairperson of Cipla. But now it has been announced that she is the former executive vice chairperson of Cipla, which is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company. She became part of Mumbai-based firm Cipla in 2011 as a member of the management team. She is the niece of Yusuf Hamied who is the non-executive Chairman of Cipla and the billionaire. Hamied is a man whose net worth is around Rs. 20,740 crore.

According to the source, Cipla is a company that was founded in 1935 by Yusuf Hamied father Khwaja Abdul Hamied. Samina Hamied has worked in the United Kingdom and the United States with leading global firm Goldman Sachs before she became a part of Cipla. She holds an MSc degree in International Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics and Political Science. In 2015, she was officially appointed as an Executive Director of Cipla. Then she was promoted to Executive vice chairperson in 2016. Behind her success, the biggest hand is of her uncle. Yusuf Hamied. He has played a major role in her successful life. Keep reading this article till last.

Samina Hamied father MK Hamied is a non-executive Vice Chairman of Cipla. Ms. Hamied was also listed in Forbes of the top 25 emergent women business leaders in Asia. She was also named the Fortune Indian Most Powerful Woman in Businesses in 2018, 2019, and 2020. It is not known why she has stepped down from the position of vice chairperson of Cipla. She made a big contribution to the growth of Cipla company for several years. Stay tuned to techballad.

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