Lobola With Fake Money: Woman Arrested At Shoprite Store With Counterfeit Notes Received In Lobola Payment

A shocking story is coming up from South Africa where an elderly woman was arrested for using counterfeit notes at a store. The incident turned shocking when it was revealed that the fake currency notes were given to the elderly woman by her future son-in-law as part of a lobola payment. Yes, you heard it right, the Nigerian son-in-law of the arrested elderly woman reportedly used counterfeit notes in the lobola payment. Since this news broke out, it has been trending all over the internet and making a stir. Meanwhile, netizens found it interesting and captivating. They are curiously taking over the internet to read the entire story. Let’s delve into the details and learn more details. Swipe down the page and take a look below.

Lobola With Fake Money

Lobola With Fake Money

Reportedly, the elderly woman who was arrested at a Shoprite store for using fake currency notes is from Jukulyn, Pretoria. She was at a local Shoprite store to buy grocery items but when the woman made payment she was not aware that she was using counterfeit notes. Eventually, the police arrested the woman. The incident became shocking when it was revealed that she received those counterfeit notes in a recent lobola payment. Swipe down the page to read more details.

According to the reports, the woman claimed that the fake currency notes she used at Shoprite store, she received from her Nigerian son-in-law as part of a recent lobola payment. Police later identified the woman’s son-in-law as Kelechi Johnson Adegoke who is from Nigeria. It is said that Kelechi Johnson Adegoke recently paid a significant sum of R95,000 as part of a lobola payment for his future bride. But the shocking revelation came out that Kelechi Johnson made the lobola payment with fake counterfeit notes. Continue reading this article for more details.

The lobola payment the Jukulyn Pretoria woman received from her Nigerian son-in-law led to her arrest at a Shoprite store. Besides the elderly woman, the police arrested three other members of the family who were found with fake currency notes. It is said that the counterfeit notes had been circulated among the members of the family before the elderly woman was arrested at the Shoprite store. However, the woman was unaware of the counterfeit notes until the store employee informed the currency was fake. An investigation is under process. Stay tuned.

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