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What is Colombia Cucuta Video Twitter? Where is the Completo Gore footage? Check on TiktokInstagramYoutube, and Telegram.               

Why is Colombia Cucuta Video Twitter trending? Where is Cucuta, Colombia? What happened there? Were there any violent activities that took place? Why are people trying to search for the murder of Andres Alberto? When did this murder take place? Who is the culprit? What is the reason behind killing Andres? People from around the Worldwide are trying to know the details. Let us discuss the details of the murder of Andres Alberto. 

Colombia Cucuta Video Twitter

A video has been going viral on social media where a man was assaulted. This video is going viral on Twitter and other major platforms. A man has been killed, and the act has been recorded on camera. On Tiktok, the video is gaining traction.

The images and other visual content of the incident are alarming. Because the man has been stabbed in a market in broad daylight, this incident has also distressed many people on the internet. The citizens of Colombia are not feeling safe after the video has gone viral. 

Colombia Cucuta Video Twitter

Colombia Cucuta Video Completo

Whether the complete video is available or not is not known. However, the video can be found on every platform and has not been removed. Although the video has extensive violence, it is still there on every social media. The video is less than 1 minute long. It is around 37 seconds video. 

Telegram channel links claiming to provide the video are going viral. Many channels also have the video. But the complete video is not available. All the websites and channels have incomplete video links. The half is as violent as the full video. But, still, viewers want to watch the video, and they are searching for a complete video.

Colombia Cucuta Video Gore Details

The incident happened on January 21st in Cucuta’s North Santander, Colombia. It is a Spanish-speaking country in South America. This place is also filled with tourists all year long. Thus, cases of violence might affect tourism as well. This place is explicitly particularly popular with tourists in the region.

As per the Youtube video, the man being stabbed looked young and his age was just 22 years old. The man’s name is Andres Alberto Sosa Perdomo, and he was a street dweller. Crime against the homeless is not rare. Typical targets are people who have nothing and live on the streets by asking others for money and food.     

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Colombia Cucuta Video Gore

The video has been claimed as gore because Andres was stabbed more than 50 times. As per the video, three men approached the homeless Andres. They began to hit him, and they were violent towards him. Between the chaos, one man amongst the three took out a knife. 

As per the Instagram viral video, he started to stab Andres as many times as possible. The attackers’ accomplice was recording the video and asked to stab Andres in the face for fun. They were enjoying the heinous crime. Young Andres was left with several injuries and succumbed to death right away. The attackers escaped the scene, and police are now looking for them. 

Where is Colombia Cucuta Video Completo?

The complete video of the incident is not reachable. Many netizens have been searching for the incident’s original video but have failed to find the clip. The 37-second clips available on all platforms are very distressing. Thus, we urge our users not to look for the full video on Telegram because it might disturb the viewer. 

Note: The video that has gone viral is not recommended for underage people or any person who is weak-hearted. The content in the video is violent and robust.


In today’s article about killing taking place in Cucuta, Colombia. The video has been going viral on Tiktok. Three men killed Andres Alberto, who was 22 years old. He was stabbed to death by the attackers. Andres was a homeless street dweller. He was attacked on 21st January 2024. If you wish to know more details, click here

Have you watched the famous Youtube video of Cucuta Colombia? Please comment on your reaction to the video below.

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