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Check out the complete information about Mediatechorg com and why people are confused about the official Mediatech Org company.  

What is Mediatechorg com. See Below 

Are you trying to find a reality of What is the current status of People worldwide talk about the media tech group that significantly impacted the global semiconductor industry. 

However, a website from Indonesia is also trending on Google with the name As per the information, it is a blog website that contains data and information about technologies and their evolution. So, Let’s get the complete details of Mediatechorg com.

About Mediatechorg com is an online domain that contains blocks and related information about the latest technology and AI. Since 2020, AI has been evolving rapidly, impacting on the personalization of human demand and need. As per the concept of the domain, they believe that AI is a new feature of technology that revolutionizes industries and human behaviors. 

About Mediatechorg com

The domain contains a few blocks uploaded about AI tech and related information. However, the core language of the blogs and the website is Indonesian Malaya. However, people can read the blogs by translating the page and checking out the various categories of the blogs. 

Specification of Mediatechorgcom

  • Domain Age: The domain appears fresh, as it was created on 20 December 2023. 
  • Trust Score: the domain holds a negligible trust score of 0% as it is not appropriately registered, and even scam advisors detected it as error 503.
  • Domain Expiry: 20 December 2024

Specification of Mediatechorgcom

  • Owner information: there is no information about the company’s owner or the domain.
  • Contact details: only the email address is provided
  • Sitemap data: The sitemap is visible on the domain.
  • Customer reviews: Currently, no customer reviews or comments exist on any of the blogs.
  • Paid Content: the content available on the domain is free.

Social Media of Mediatechorg com

The website contains social media links on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. While researching the social media links, we found information that the links are legit, which is of a person handling the website. The person behind the domain is Alvian Saputra, and he seems like a teenager. 

Social Media of Mediatechorg com

He has over 1.8 K followers on a social media account, and no links or related information is available on the website. The only relatable details available on his social media are that he is a WordPress developer and creates websites using WordPress. Therefore, he might be making these domains for earning. 

Netizens Reaction on Mediatechorg com

Although there are few viewers on the domain, a few people visit it to read blogs and articles regarding AI. The content about AI is relatable and very informative. People believe it could be the best domain after a certain period when the owner can optimize the website to function well.

However, there is no evidence of a scam as all the information clearly shows that it is a new domain, and the admin wants to make revenue through posting blogs regarding AI. Additionally, the service is also completely free. Also find out how to avoid PayPal scam.

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Mediatechorg com appears to be a legitimate domain, but it created chaos among the users due to the similarity in the name. is an online domain for blogs and articles about AI technology, technology and its future in the IT industry. 

What do you think about AI as the future of a growing world? Comment below. Moreover, learn how to avoid credit card scams.

Disclaimer: we do not promote any domain. All the information in this blog is related to the customer demand and queries. 


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