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This post on Yuan Ching Road Accident has illuminated the readers on the Fatal Accident in Yuan Ching. Kindly read the facts here.

Do you know about the road accident in Taman Jurong? What is this accident all about? Many people are seeking the details on the Yuan Ching Road Accident as the accident in Singapore garnered the attention of the people. Many readers are unaware of the complete details of this accident. So, we have come up to share all the reliable details on this accident. Kindly read the details about this accident here. 

About the Yuan Ching Road Accident

As per online sources, a fatal accident occurred in the Yuan Ching Road. In this accident, a van hit a young girl who was only 12 years old. She was only minutes away from the school. There were two schools nearby, Yuvabharathi International School and Jurong Secondary School. It was believed that the girl studied at Yuvabharathi International School. The accident happened at around 3:50 p.m. and the police team was informed immediately. However, during this accident, the young girl died on the spot as confirmed by the paramedic. Another person was also injured during the accident and was taken to hospital.

Yuan Ching Road Fatal Accident

The online sites and news channels have covered the updates on the accident that occurred in Taman Jurong. This road accident occurred on January 30, 2024. A young girl lost her life while the other person who might be a pedestrian was injured. There are not many details available on this second person, but he was taken to Ng Teng Fong Hospital. The details of his condition are not revealed. Moreover, the police force has arrested the driver of the van on the charge of reckless or careless driving. The driver was a 23-year-old man, but his identity has not been revealed. 

Yuan Ching Road Fatal Accident

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138 Yuan Ching Road Accident

Road accidents have been common in this area and people have been demanding more safety measures like breakers. On January 23, another girl who was only 4 years old also lost her life. Her name was Zara Mei Orlic and she was also hit by a vehicle on the road. Since then, the issues of safety measures have been raised in many parts. Now, this is another tragic accident on Yuan Ching Road and people are more concerned about the safety measures. People should not leave their children alone, especially in such areas which are accident-prone. The 138 Yuan Ching Road Accident was one of the tragic accidents and the authorities should take some measures to ensure the safety of the people in such areas. 

Moreover, the name of the girl who died in yesterday’s accident has not been revealed. No details on her family were given till now. 


Summing up this research here, we have mentioned the useful details of the tragic accident that occurred in Taman Jurong. A young girl lost her life during an accident on Yuan Ching Road. We hope that justice will be served and the authorities will take measures to improve safety. 

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DISCLAIMER: We request people to watch the accident video if they are not faint-hearted. Also, people should follow safety measures while walking on the road. Kindly refer to this post to get details about this accident.

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