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Are you looking forward to the Roblox game Grimoires Era? What codes are used in the game, and how can they help you? Players across the Philippines, Brazil, Türkiye, and the United States are looking for a guide for in-game upgrades to boost and aura spin. Let’s dive into detail through Roblox Grimoires Era Codes.

What are Roblox Grimoires Era Codes?

What are Roblox Grimoires Era Codes

If you are a Roblox game lover, you must be aware of the Grimoires Era game that is trending these days. Here are some of the codes and rewards you will get from them:

4KLIKES for Grimoire Spins

5KLIKES for 7 Grimoire Spins

4KPLAYERS for 5 aura spins

6KPLAYERS for 30 minutes of X2 EXP.

10KPLAYERS for 10 spins and boosts each.

200KVISITS for 5 aura spins.

300KVISITS for 10 aura spins.

500KVISITS for 30 minutes of double luck.

RESETSTATS2 for rest stats.

RESET900KVISITS for stats reset.

GUIZERAYT for 1 aura spin.

GGGAMES for 5 aura spins.

GHOKSZIN for 6 Grimoires spins.

MEDTW for 5 aura spins

10KDISCORD– double luck for 10 minutes.

Grimoires Era Trello– What are the expired codes?

These are some codes that were used previously for the game but are expired now:

  • 100KVISITS

You will need to use the codes as soon as you are aware of them or the developers’ release because they are available only for a limited time. Follow the discord, Trello links, or the developer’s social media handle to stay updated on the codes.

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Grimoires Era How to Get Grimoire?

Grimoires Era How to Get Grimoire

Players will need codes for customizing the character and completing the quest and challenges. By doing this, players get a boost and keep the game fresh by changing the aura. The steps you can follow are:

  • Go to the Grimoires Era game.
  • Check the game’s waiting room and go for the codes area.
  • Copy the codes from the list we provided above and paste them into the codes area.
  • Click the redeem button, and you will receive the respective rewards.

These were a few simple steps in Grimoire Era How to Get Grimoire.

What is Grimoires Era game about- Wiki?

What is Grimoires Era game about- Wiki

The developer of the Roblox game Grimoires Era, Game Funzy, took the inspiration for this game from a well-known anime series, Black Clover. Discover the giant anime-inspired world of the game, get new skills, roll the strongest Aura, and excel as a fighter. Try your best to raise your stats so you can take on the most formidable bosses and challenge them in the intense battle.

As per Grimoires Era Codes Wiki, the game is suitable for players of all age groups. The game was first available on 19 July 2023 and got its update recently. It already has more than 2.2M visits. It is high time you should explore the adventures of Grimoires and be immersed in the wonders of magic in a breathtaking open-world environment.

Social media links:

Grimoires Era Trello:

Game link:


We have covered all the required information through the post, especially the codes, so that you can receive in-game rewards. We hope you like and enjoy the rewards while playing the game. If you want more updates on how to get Grimoires fast, you can check here.

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