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Do you have the habit of watching more trending videos online? Then, have you heard of the Ya Baryan video? By seeing the name of the video, everyone might see this video as fun filled one. But Baryon Ya is a very horrific video that has been trending Worldwide like a forest fire.

So here in this article, we will discuss the Ya Brayan Ya Brayan Video Leaked on Twitter and its background story in a detailed manner.

Ya Brayan Ya Brayan Video Leaked on Twitter

Here is the term, “Ya Brayan Ya Brayan” refers to the name of the video where a 22-year-old boy named Andrés Alberto Sosa Perdomo was brutally killed. This video has multiple names, like” the video of betrayed friends” and “the Sosa video”, and it also has the name “Ya Brayan Ya Brayan.” 

In this Brayan Reddit video, we can see three unknown masked men stabbing Andres 50 times and finally killing him. The killers recorded the whole scene and uploaded it to the Twitter platform. But currently, the video has been eradicated from all standard websites, except some gore websites.

Ya Brayan Ya Brayan Video Leaked on Twitter

Details on the Ya Brayan Ya Video Completo links

The original uncensored full video was uploaded on the internet on January 21, 2024. Within a few hours, the video went viral because, in that video, a 22-year-old guy named Andrés Alberto was relaxing at the Eustorgio Bridge located in Cucuta, Colombia. Suddenly, three unknown people attacked him out of nowhere. Andres couldn’t resist them, and the killer took his knife and stabbed him 50 times. 

The Ya Brayan Ya Video Completo features these scenes. And here the sad part is: Andres died at that moment itself. One of the killers recorded the whole scene and did a video call to share the live moments with another guy.

The truth behind the video

The trending Brayan Tiktok video sheds light on the criminal activities happening in the Cucuta region. As the video went viral, the government officials started to search for the culprit. In addition, as the video got the name “Brayan Ya Brayan,” many people thought the victim’s name was “Brayan,” but Andrés Alberto is the victim of that viral Youtube video. 

So, Brayan might be the name of any of the killers in that gang. As per the sources, the killers killed Andres as a part of their micro-trafficking activity, and that criminal gang has killed many people like Andres.

The truth behind the video

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Ripple effects of the video

The trending Telegram video reached up to the mayor and police officials, so they are searching for the culprits very seriously. As of now, the police officials have caught one guy named Jesús Javier Rojas as a suspect, and the police feel that there are chances that the second suspect’s name is Brayan. 

In addition to that, in an Instagram post, the governor of that region, William Laguado, announced a 50-million-peso award for the person who caught the real culprits behind the death of Andres.

Availability of the video

The death of Andres created lots of controversy and spotlight, so many people wanted to watch the full video on the internet. But the viral Reddit video was removed from most of the websites because Andres’s death is ruthless. Can you imagine a guy getting 50 knives, stabbing, and blood oozing out of his body? It will be more cruel to watch such a type of video. That’s why police officials have quickly removed Ya Brayan Ya Video Completo from the internet.

Availability of the video

Do the criminals get arrested?

No, as of now, police officials have caught one suspect, Jesús Javier Rojas, and he is currently arrested at Belén station. After a thorough investigation, he will be transferred to the prosecutor’s office. And police officers are getting some hints about the second suspect. We hope that they will catch him sooner as well.

Social media links

Twitter: Gus Schmick on X: “Brayan ya por favor Video Gore


Thereby, we have discussed the Ya Brayan Ya Brayan Video Leaked on Twitter news in a detailed manner. Even though it was horrific, the Brayan video gained the spotlight. Clearly, it explained how innocent people like Andres are getting killed by that criminal gang, and it also helped the police officials act quickly to take action against the culprits.

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What is your stake in innocent people getting killed by criminal gangs? Comment on it.

Disclaimer: The article explains the most horrific killing of a 22-year-old boy.

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