Is He Still Alive? Case Details

Glen McNamara Wikipedia searches are trending, reflecting the heightened public interest in understanding his life.

The criminal justice system often grapples with cases that involve individuals who were once sworn to uphold the law. 

The saga of former detectives Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara is one such grim tale that unfolded in late May 2014.

Little did they know that their actions would lead to a trial that would expose a web of deception, drug dealings, and a cold-blooded murder. 

This article delves into the story of Glen McNamara, examining his background, the details of the case, and the aftermath that ultimately sealed his fate.

Glen McNamara Wikipedia Bio: His Age Revealed

Glen McNamara doesn’t have a Wikipedia, leaving curious individuals without a readily available bio.

Glen McNamara Wikipedia
Glen McNamara, the accused murderer, reassured one of his daughters in a recorded prison phone call that he was innocent. (Source:

As of 2024, Glen McNamara’s age is 65 years old. His journey into the realm of law enforcement initially appeared to be a story of dedication and service to the community. 

His early years in the police force likely saw him navigating the complexities of crime and justice. There was a sense of duty ingrained in his character. 

However, it becomes apparent that McNamara’s narrative took an unexpected and sinister turn. 

The man who once donned the uniform of a detective found himself entangled in a web of criminal activities. It would ultimately lead to his downfall. 

The revelations surrounding McNamara’s age serve as a backdrop to the transformation from a figure. 

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It is meant to protect and serve one marred by accusations of murder and drug-related crimes.

Is Glen McNamara Still Alive? 

Despite being alive, Glen McNamara’s existence is now confined to the stark and unforgiving walls of a prison cell. 

Glen McNamara Wikipedia
Roger Rogerson (on the left) and Glen McNamara underwent trial for the murder of Jamie Gao. (Source: smh)

He has received a life sentence for the cold-blooded murder of Jamie Gao. It has extinguished any semblance of a normal life beyond incarceration. 

His heart may continue to beat. However, the breaths he takes are those of a man forever altered by the choices that led to the tragic events in May 2014. 

The question of McNamara’s current state of life becomes more poignant. It is considered within the context of the life he once led. 

It was a life that included a career in law enforcement, a profession built on the ideals of justice and protection.

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While technically alive, his freedom and the possibilities that life once held have been irrevocably stripped away. 

Glen McNamara Case Details: What Is The Story About?

The Glen McNamara case unfolds as a chilling narrative of corruption, betrayal, and a descent into criminality by a former detective. 

In May 2014, McNamara, along with fellow disgraced detective Roger Rogerson, orchestrated a sinister plan.

The plan was to lure 20-year-old university student Jamie Gao into a storage unit under the pretense of a drug deal. 

The intention was to steal a significant quantity of methamphetamine from Gao. They also intended to eliminate him and dispose of his body. 

The trial exposed a meticulously planned crime, with CCTV footage capturing the trio entering the storage shed. Only McNamara and Rogerson were seen leaving.

They were dragging a surfboard bag concealing Gao’s lifeless body. McNamara’s claims of innocence were refuted as the jury found both former detectives guilty of Gao’s murder.

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The supply of a commercial quantity of drugs also led to life sentences. 


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