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Yo Gotti Brother Funeral explains Gotti Brother Big Jook and the cause of his death. Know more on Gotti Brother Killed by reading below.

Who was Big Jook? When did he pass away? What was the reason for his death? Who shot Big Jook? Where was Jook going at the time of death? Big Jook was popular in the United States, and his death shocked the people. Read the Yo Gotti Brother Funeral article below for further details on the Big Jook.

Yo Gotti Brother Funeral

On Saturday, January 13, a tragic event occurred when Big Jook, the brother of rapper Yo Gotti, was shot and killed. It was outside the Perignons Restaurant & Event Centre in Memphis. Big Jook was going to a repast service following a relative’s burial. He had previously attended an event with his Yo Gotti Brother Big Jook. Just a few hours earlier, Jook was shot and died. Gotti and Jook were spotted on camera interacting at the funeral.

Yo Gotti Brother Funeral

Where did Jook go before his death?

Based on Jook’s pre-tragic Instagram stories, he was in the region paying tribute to his late uncle Eric, the renowned kingpin. Jook attended the funeral service dressed in a black suit with other friends and family.

Following the Yo Gotti Brother Killed, there was a significant presence of cops at St. Francis Hospital and in the parking lot of Perignons Restaurant. There were reports that the hospital was put on lockdown.

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What did the cops do?

As reported by Memphis police, the event was captured on camera. Deputy Police Chief Paul Wright stated during a press conference that they thought Jook might have been the suspect’s intended target. A second person was flown from St. Francis Hospital to Regional One Health after suffering severe injuries as well.

Is the suspect caught?

There is currently no information available from the authorities regarding the suspects in Yo Gotti Brother Big Jook death. However, Yo Gotti’s lack of comment on the incident generated rumours on social media. It had something to do with the 2021 murder of rapper Young Dolph. As per sources, many pointed to the past rivalry between Dolph and Gotti and suggested that Jook’s death was most likely revenge for Dolph’s murder.

Is the suspect caught

Where is the spot located?

The location of Yo Gotti Brother Killed is adjacent to his brother’s Memphis eatery on a shared block. It’s also not far from the scene of Young Dolph’s death. A third man, Hernandez Govan, was charged with hiring Cornelius Smith and Justin Johnson, who were both charged with Dolph’s murder. 

Tributes to Big Jook?

Online users used social media to honour Jook and discuss the tragic events that followed. Numerous conjectures are made regarding the possible relationship between Jook’s demise and that of Adolph Robert Thornton Jr.

Images of a Yo Gotti Brother Killed and laying on the ground with blood all over his chest went viral online along with the funeral film. 

Tributes to Big Jook


As per online sources, Big Jook, the elder brother of Memphis rapper Yo Gotti, was shot and died on Saturday afternoon. He was at the 6300 block of Winchester Road, attending a funeral. Jook sustained fatal injuries while outside Perignons Restaurant and the Event Centre. He was sent to St. Francis Hospital and later declared dead. Know more on Big Jook online.

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