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Our post on Hemant Soren Land Scam will update you on the Arrest of Hemant Soren and what is the Case against him. Kindly read. 

Who is Hemant Soren? Why was he arrested? The recent reports on Hemant Soren were shocking for many people. Hemant Soren Land Scam was unbelievable and many of his followers are searching for the reason behind his arrest. The news went viral at every corner of India and people are looking for the authentic details about this land scam. Please read the details about him here. 

About Hemant Soren Land Scam

As per online sites, Hemant Soren is the leader of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha. He is the former chief minister of Jharkhand State but gave his resignation recently to the state governor. Moreover, the recent news revealed that he was detained by the Enforcement Directorate and is under remand. The reason for his arrest as revealed by the online sites was a land scam. Many sources have been claiming that he was arrested on the charge of land scam. Along with him, 14 other people were also arrested including one bureaucrat who was serving as the Social Welfare Department’s director.

Hemant Soren Arrest

As per the online reports, Hemant Soren’s arrest was made by ED and they will present him before the court to get permission for remand. The sites revealed that he was detained under the PML Act. Also, it was revealed through online channels that Soren was evasive while inquiring. Also, his arrest took place right after he resigned from his post as Chief Minister as per sources. The case against the former CM revealed that he was acquiring many land areas in Jharkhand without having any legal control over the land. 

Hemant Soren Arrest

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Hemant Soren Case

The case against Hemant Soren was shocking for many of his followers. Hemant found himself surrounded by the accusations of land scam. It was revealed that he illicitly occupied most of the land through some businessmen and dealers and he was the main beneficiary in all the deals as per sources. Through online means, it was also revealed that fake deeds were also made through the brokers to have a claim on the properties. The charge sheet was filed by ED against Hemand in which the defense land valued over Rupees 74 crore was mentioned.

Hemant Soren Wife

As per the recent reports, Hemant’s wife Kalpana is also in the news after ED installed an inquiry against Hemant. Many sources are talking about the next CM of Jharkhand after Hemand resigned from his post. The sources talked about Hemant Soren Wife and they are speculating that Hemant will provide an opportunity for his wife to become the next CM. The rumors were spreading all around the region that Kalpana would be the next CM of the state and she was being compared to Bihar’s CM of 1996, Rabri Devi as per sources. 

Hemant Soren Case has still not been resolved and it will take time as the inquiry is still going on. We will keep you updated with the reports on the same.


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