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Our research on Scam will help you to acquire the facts on not only the authenticity but also on the Reviews on this website.

Are you excited to earn money? How you can do it? You can earn money only by sitting at home and scrolling through the videos via the Secrets Tools website in the United States. However, Scam updates are quite important to understand before you find this website suitable for availing the monetary benefits. So, kindly read this post to understand the facts.

About Scam

The Secrets Tools website needs to be studied properly. In this section, we have mentioned the details of the legitimacy of the Secrets Tools. Kindly read the facts on it here. 

  • Registration Date: October 5, 2023, is the creation date of the Secrets Tools website. The site is four months old. 
  • Trust Index: The index of the trust on this website is determined at 48.8/100. The score is abysmal on the website.
  • Phishing Count: The Phishing factor on the Secrets Tools website is 11 percent. 
  • Malware Score: We have seen the malware score on the Secrets Tools website is 29 percent.
  • Reviews: No genuine reviews are available on the website and no other online review site has shared opinions on this domain. 

What does this website offer? 

This online website offers the chance to earn money only by scrolling the videos on their website. When you open the layout, you get to see the notice that says that the viewers will earn $9.27 when they begin watching the videos as a bonus. On the top left-hand corner of the website, the logo of YouTube is mentioned and some icons are seen at the lower bar. The right-hand corner has a logo showing the balance. The Scam details also revealed the details about the icons mentioned in the bar below. There is a home icon and icons to view videos and subscriptions. 

Features Of This Website! 

We have not seen any important feature on this website. We could not see any contact information like the email or the phone number on the website. There is an option to start and earn money. Also, the details on the owner and their policies are missing from the website. Thus, the site is quite monotonous, and not many details are available to explore. You should try to check some facts on Credit Card Scamming to avoid any fraudulent activities. Reviews

The Secrets Tools website seems to be a suspicious website because it has no reviews on the official site. Also, there are no reviews on the online site. Moreover, we have checked the social media pages of the Secrets Tools website and we found a page on Facebook. On this page, there are no reviews, but contact details are mentioned on this account. This page has two followers only. Thus, the details shared on the website cannot be trusted. The details on the website are not reliable. You should try to check some facts on PayPal Scamming to avoid any fraudulent activities.


Summing up this research on the Scam, we have provided the facts on the legitimacy of the website and learned that this domain is newly found and received a poor trust score. The website has not been a trustworthy domain as it could scam the public in the name of providing Monetary Benefits

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