Is He Related To Roman Reigns? Parents

The Toa Liona family takes immense pride in his achievements and recognition in the fields of wrestling and sportsmanship.

Bruce Orlando Leaupepe is an accomplished and well-known American professional wrestler who performs in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) under the ring name Toa Liona.

He is part of the Mogul Embassy stable in AEW. Leaupepe also wrestles for AEW’s affiliated promotion, Ring of Honour (ROH).

On November 13, 2023, it was announced that Leaupepe and his tag team partner Kaun, collectively known as Gates of Agony, would make their debut in New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) by competing in the 2023 World Tag League tournament.

They were placed in the A-Block but finished with 4 points and did not qualify for the semi-finals.

On November 29, Gates of Agony briefly allied with the NJPW faction House of Torture before revealing it to be a trick the following week.

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Toa Liona Family: Is He Related To Roman Reigns?

Fans have speculated whether the popular up-and-coming wrestler Liona might be related to Roman Reigns, the undisputed face of WWE.

However, despite their similar intimidating presences and Polynesian heritage, there is no family connection between Toa Liona and Roman Reigns.

At 6’4″, Toa Liona lives up to his fitting nickname, “Samoan Lion.” In the ring, he exerts a dominant, hard-hitting style that electrifies audiences.

With his bone-crushing tackles, thunderous slams, and raw athleticism, Toa has crafted a thrill-inducing move set.

Toa Liona family
Toa has more than 37k followers on his Instagram (Source: Instagram)

His explosive power manoeuvres send shockwaves through the arena. Fans can feel his energy as he dismantles opponents with his bare hands.

Toa’s formidable strength and agility provide all the ingredients for must-see matches.

While he and Roman Reigns may share some surface-level similarities, Toa Liona is blazing his own path.

With his supreme abilities and captivating presence, the “Samoan Lion” continues to establish himself as a star attraction for any promotion.

His rising fame will likely spark more speculation about possible connections to Reigns, but Toa does not need to ride any coattails.

Toa Liona Parents

While Toa Liona’s wrestling career is taking off, he keeps details about his personal life and family out of the public eye especially details about his parents. 

So, as of now, Liona’s parents identities and their respective professions remains hidden from media. 

What is clear is his devotion to his wife Amanda and their three young children: Bo, twins Koko and Lulu, and baby girl Honour.

Toa and Amanda frequently share loving social media posts about their close-knit family life together.

Although Toa portrays a tough wrestling persona, he clearly dotes on his kids in his role as a proud father.

Toa Liona family
A beautiful image of Toa Liona with his loved ones. (Source: Instagram)

Amanda also gives glimpses of their sweet family time together. Toa started his wrestling career later in life, already dedicated to his family.

Even as his fame grows, Toa’s social media shows that his wife and kids are what matter most.

They support him by traveling to wrestling events and cheering him on.

While his wrestling persona gains mystique, Toa finds peace in spending quality family time with Amanda and the kids. His loving guidance suggests they are very lucky children.

Toa Liona Ethnicity

Toa Liona has become one of the most popular wrestlers, amassing a huge following on social media platforms like Instagram.

His unique look and wrestling style have captivated fans. Many are curious about Toa’s ethnic background; he is of Samoan and Puerto Rican descent.

Also, this mixed heritage contributes to his distinctive appearance and likely resonates with fans of different backgrounds.

As his fame rises, Toa garners more intrigue in his personal story. His broad appeal suggests he connects with audiences on multiple levels.

Whether it be his arresting look, his skill in the ring, or his mysterious aura, Liona has struck a chord.

He represents the diverse faces that make up the modern wrestling fandom. With his soaring popularity, unique background, and talent in wrestling entertainment, Toa Liona has all the elements to become a bona fide superstar.

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