Phabion Woodard Mugshot: Jefferson Parish high school employee accused of molesting female student

In this article, we are going to talk about Phabion Woodard’s mugshot. The Riverdale High School teacher has been arrested now. This is one of the biggest shocking cases of the current time. A lot of people are currently talking about this case right now. This arrest news is currently making headlines and a lot of people are currently talking about this case right now. Woodrad is the president of New Orleans. he has been arrested for molestation of a minor and indecent behavior with a juvenile. A lot of people are in complete shock at this time. Now to learn everything about this case, so read this article till the end.

Phabion Woodard

Phabion Woodard Mugshot

Phabion Woodard is a 25-year-old man who is a teacher at Riverdale High School in Jefferson Parish, he has shocked the entire community. He has faced some allegations which include molestation of a youngster and indecent behavior with a juvenile which has prompted immediate action by the law authorities. The arrested man is currently under custody. he has been held at the Jefferson Paris Correctional Centre without a bond. It has raised a lot of worries reading about the safety and well-being of individuals in the district of school.

Currently, educators, parents, and members of the community have left a big deal with the seriousness of the situation and they have also sought comfort about the safeguards in place to protect individuals. The Jefferson Parish Public Schools has stated the response to the allegations being made against the teacher, Phabion Woodard. They have claimed that they have recognized the charges and they have not disclosed the details regarding the particular job of Phabion Woodard at the school nor they have confirmed his continued employment there. They have claimed that school is always going to be with him.

Till now, the school has not revealed the charges Phabion Woodard is facing. However, according to the source, he is charged with inappropriate behavior with a female student at the institution. He has initiated inappropriate internet communication with her and engaged in inappropriate physical contact with her at least once while they were at school. The legal proceeding, in this case, has been proceeding fairly and transparently with some appropriate actions that have been taken to rectify any misconduct and have also prevented some situations from happening in the future. More details about this case have not been reported yet.

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