Ray Gricar Found Or Missing: What Happened To The DA? Case Update

The disappearance of Ray Gricar still sparks discussion and concerns over the mysterious circumstances surrounding his disappearance. Several questions are still unanswered despite years of investigation. Has Ray Gricar ever been found? This article aims to provide a close look at the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Ray Gricar for better understanding and less perplexion. Ray Gricar was a District Attorney who was about to retire in eight months but in a shocking turn of events the District Attorney disappeared and left various questions that are still unanswered. Kindly delve into the details and grab more details about Ray Gricar.

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Where Is Ray Gricar? Has He Ever Been Found? Where He Was Last Seen?

It was April 15, 2005, when District Attorney Ray Gricar vanished after going for a drive in his red Mini Cooper. However, Ray Gricar’s red car was found but his whereabouts remained unknown for always. Ray Gricar was a well-known district attorney who was about to retire in just eight months but he mysteriously disappeared on April 15 when he went for a drive in his Mini Cooper. Later the authorities discovered his red Mini Cooper about 60 miles away from his residence, in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Continue reading this article for more details.

Ray Gricar was a resident of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. The authorities reported that Ray Gricar’s Mini Cooper strongly smelled of tobacco which Ray Gricar never used to smoke. Additionally, cigarette ash was found on the passenger seat. The district attorney’s phone was locked inside the car but he was nowhere around the car. Recently, the incident of Ray Gricar’s disappearance was shown in NBC Dateline: Secret Uncovered in which his live-in girlfriend Patty Fornicola says “It’s truly like he did vanish into thin air”

Now it has been almost two decades since Ray Gricar disappeared but no answer has been found to the questions left by his mysterious disappearance. Speaking of Ray Gricar’s achievements as a district attorney, he was the first prosecutor to look into child s*xual abuse claims in 1998 against Jerry Sandusky who is a former Penn State assistant coach. At the time, Ray opted not to charge Jerry Sandusky who further abused other children, and got convicted of 45 child s*x charges in 2012. Ray was the five terms serving district attorney of Centre County, Pennsylvania. He was just 8 months away from retirement when he disappeared. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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