WATCH: Justin Mohn Beheading video sparks controversy showing disturbing visuals

Shock waves are blowing from Pennsylvania where a man beheaded his father and showed the severed head in a video posted on YouTube. Here is the foremost warning that this article contains a compassionate and disturbing explanation of an incident featuring Justin Mohn. Since this incident happened and the graphic video of Justin Mohn surfaced on the internet, internet users in large number have been talking over the internet to find and watch the video. However, we can not post the video due to its disturbing nature, but we have indeed explained the whole matter. You should go through the article till the end. Drag down the page and take a look below.

Justin Mohn

Justin Mohn Beheading Video Sparks Controversy Showing Disturbing Visuals

The video features a man identified as Justin Mohn who calls himself a “Messiah”. He has been the topic of the town as he thrust himself into the limelight by killing his father. Justin Mohn’s father was Michael ‘Mike’ Mohn who was a federal employee. Reportedly, Justin Mohn beheaded his father and showed the severed head in the politically charged YouTube video. This incident caused a stir within the United States as the shocking video has been watched by thousands of people on the internet. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Top 5 Headlines: 

  1. Pennsylvania man accused of decapitating his father
  2. Pennsylvania man in custody after posting video of father’s decapitated head on YouTube
  3. US Man, 33, Arrested After Allegedly Beheading Father And Showing His Head On YouTube
  4. US man ‘beheads father’, posts a video on YouTube; arrested
  5. Levittown tragedy: Son allegedly posts chilling YouTube video of decapitated father

Upon investigating it was learned that Justin Mohn is from Levittown where he beheaded his father and posted an immoral video. Furthermore, the shocking clip was 14 minutes long which was posted at 5:30 PM, and remained live for as many as six hours before it was removed from YouTube but it was enough time for the netizens to download the video. Shortly after the removal of the video, the shocking video was also posted on Reddit. We strictly warn everyone not to share the video ahead and kindly delete it as it contains extremely horrible moments which can leave people mentally disturbed and harrowed.

YouTube video

According to the reports, Justin Mohn’s father Michael Mohn was 68 years of age at the time of his slaughter. Justin wrapped his father’s beheaded body in plastic. The perpetrator is 32 years old and he has been taken into custody by the police. In the video, Justin Mohn says “He is now in hell for eternity as a traitor to his country,” However, Justin also put bounties on the FBI director, the Supreme Court Chief Justice, and the Attorney General, in the video.

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