Who Is Gabriel Martinelli Brother? Siblings & Family Details

Gabriel Martinelli is a rising star in the football world. Get insights into his siblings, parents, and family life.

Brazilian professional football player Gabriel Martinelli plays forward or left wing for Arsenal in the Premier League and for the Brazil national team.

He is one of the most promising young talents in world football, having won the FA Cup, and the Olympic Gold medal and participated in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

But who is Gabriel Martinelli brother? What about his siblings, family, and parents? Here is everything you need to know about the Arsenal star’s personal life.

Who Is Gabriel Martinelli Brother? 

Gabriel Martinelli, the talented Arsenal forward, has an older brother named Vinicius Teodoro, who shares his passion for football.

Vinicius, also a footballer, plays for São Caetano, a team in Brazil’s third division.

Despite the difference in their playing levels, Vinicius remains a strong supporter of his younger brother, regularly expressing encouragement on social media.

Gabriel Martinelli Brother
Growing up in Guarulhos, Gabriel Martinelli and Vinicius Teodoro formed a tight bond playing football in backyards and on the streets. (Image Source: Oh My Football)

The brothers share a close bond, rooted in their upbringing in Guarulhos, where they played football together in their backyard and on the streets.

Their connection extends to their early training days at Corinthians, where both started in the futsal team.

Vinicius played a pivotal role in Gabriel’s transition from futsal to football, recognizing his younger brother’s potential and talent.

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This bond was evident when Vinicius visited London to watch Gabriel play for Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.

His strong connection with his parents further enriches the narrative of a young football sensation whose journey is marked by familial support and shared football dreams with his older brother.

Gabriel Martinelli Family: Where Did His Parents Originate From?

Gabriel Martinelli’s parents are João and Silva Martinelli. They are both Brazilians, but they have Italian ancestry.

His paternal grandfather was born in Italy and moved to Brazil when he was young. The Brazilian star’s maternal grandmother also had Italian roots.

This explains why Gabriel holds an Italian passport, which made it easier for him to move to England and play for Arsenal.

Gabriel Martinelli Parents
As Gabriel Martinelli signed with Arsenal in 2019, his parents moved to London, staying by his side, and offering support in adapting to a new country and culture. (Image Source: Oh My Football)

Martinelli’s parents were not rich and did not live a life of abundance. They worked hard to provide for their children and support their dreams.

João was a taxi driver and Silva was a housewife. They always encouraged Gabriel to pursue his passion for football and helped him with his studies.

They also sacrificed a lot to allow him to travel and train with different clubs, such as Manchester United and Barcelona.

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Gabriel Martinelli’s parents moved with him to London when he signed for Arsenal in 2019. They wanted to be by his side and help him adapt to a new country and culture.

They also wanted to protect him from the pressure and fame that comes with being a professional footballer. They live with him in a house near Arsenal’s training ground and take care of his daily needs.

Gabriel Martinelli is very grateful to his parents and often expresses his love and admiration for them. He dedicates his goals and achievements to them and says they are his biggest inspiration.


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