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Do you wish to know the update on the Quinton White Burleson TX? If yes, this post will help you get more detailed knowledge of the person.

Have you been searching about the trending cause of Quinton White of Texas? Reading this post will help you learn more facts about Quinton White. 

Various news pops out daily on the Internet, leading to a massive trend that attracted users. However, the recent news of Quinton White is a hot topic now in parts like the United States and the United Kingdom, and people are curious to know the update. So, if you are anxious to find all the threads of Quinton White Burleson TX, you can read this article dedicatedly. 

About the Quinton White Burleson TX  

For a few days, over Facebook, the missing report of Quinton White has been in the news, developing a massive stir among the community. Moreover, Quinton White’s wife, Amy White, initially shared the post on her Facebook account, sharing his missing. 

About the Quinton White Burleson TX  

Soon after she disclosed the missing news of her husband, the post got tremendous attention over the Internet and social media platforms, including Facebook. 

Amy White runs a Facebook account, hyperamy06, through which she asks for help from the community to find her husband.

Update on the Quinton White Missing 

According to our investigating, we noticed that the Facebook post was updated on 1st February at 2:29 pm, reporting that Quinton is no more. Earlier, the missing post urged people to find Quinton since she and their kids were curious and needed him. In addition, the Facebook post mentioned two helpline numbers to contact her if anyone knows his trace. 

However, when she updated the post, she thanked people for helping her find her husband’s update. Additionally, our research on Quinton White Burleson TX revealed that she updated that the Dallas Fire Department has helped her in her tough times.

Update on the Quinton White Missing 

According to the sources, we found that Quinton was involved in a fatal car incident, taking his life in the end. But, the cause of death is yet to be released online as the case is under investigation. Amy’s post disclosed that tomorrow, she is going to plan the funeral ceremony, a hard day for her. 

Quinton White Burleson TX

To his demise, his friends and relatives flooded the missing post with condolences and supportive messages. The sudden Quinton White Missing news left the community in utter shock, but now the sad outcomes given the update. 

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A Few Lines on Quinton White’s Life History

Based on the investigation, we noticed that Quinton was a dedicated firefighter in Burleson, Texas. 

  • Due to his honesty, many people admired him, but the sudden death news got the residents into trouble. 
  • Our research on the post discovered that the firefighter had two children, Ayden and Abigail, and he was married to Amy White. 
  • While investigating Quinton White Burleson TX, we found that Quinton married Amy on 17th February 2018, but his life was cut too short. 
  • Amy is a Mortgage Broker Associate at the Mortgage Matters and the wife of a Firefighter. 


This article states the update of Quinton White and concludes that he is not with us. Thus, we are sad about the loss and paid condolences to Quinton White’s family. Read more about Quinton White’s demise here

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