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Are you a big fan of the animated series Hazbin Hotel? But did you spend $50,000 for that animated series?

But a YouTuber and cartoon artist named Verbalase spent that much on his video featuring Hazbin Hotel’s main character, Charlie, and became a viral hero in the United States. So here in this article, we will discuss the costly Hazbin Hotel 50K Animation Full Video Twitter video in detail.

Details on Hazbin Hotel 50K Animation Full Video Twitter

Haxbin Hotel is a very famous animated series, and there are lots of fans and followers from all around the world. And the famous beatboxer and YouTuber Verba Lase is not an exception. But he goes beyond his fan moment by creating his own music Youtube video featuring a cartoon version of Verba Lase and Hazbin Hotel’s famous character Charlie and a hideaway song as its background music.

He has spent $50,000 on his version of the Hazbin Hotel music video, and in addition to that, those music videos contain mature content. He made Charlie have intimate moments with him and uploaded that video to Twitter.

Hazbin Hotel Viral On Reddit

In that video, VerbaLase shows the Charlie character in a vulgar manner, and finally, the video shows that they are having romantic moments with each other. This video created controversy, and many people started to share those videos on Reddit. We could see threads related to the Hazbin Hotel Viral on Reddit animation video links. People were surprised to learn the cost of making this video; this young man had just spent $50,000 on a 2.56-minute video.

Hazbin Hotel Viral On Reddit

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More details about the video

Initially, the video was uploaded on January 12, 2024, but after Verbalase shared the cost of that Instagram music video, it went viral all over the social media pages. Let us know the details of the video. The video starts with Hazbin’s character, Charlie, chasing Verbalase’s character for lovemaking in the Happy Hotel. 

He denies that, but Charlie’s beauty tempts him as the song continues, and they have romantic moments. Even though they didn’t show the Telegram video in a more vulgar manner, it was a mature content video only and not advisable for kids to view it.

More details about the video

Availability of the video

The Hazbin Hotel 50K Animation Full Video Twitter is available free on Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit. As of now, the romantic video of Verbalase and Charlie has not been removed. But there are chances that the video will get deleted because many people oppose the activity of the verbalase creator for making an excellent series into a mature series.

Who is the guy who spent $50,000?

Verbalase, whose real name is Adym Evans, is a famous musician who used to beatbox Tiktok videos. He also created a top-rated cartoon series called “Cartoon Beatbox Battles,” where he used to make cartoon versions of himself and videos.

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Hazbin Hotel 50K Animation Full Video Twitter became viral news, and this article clearly explains all the background stories about it. Becoming a fan of a movie or series fan is normal, and spending our hard-earned money on such entertainment projects won’t lead to our financial fitness for a longer run.

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What are your thoughts about this $50,000 fanfic animation video? Comment on it.

Disclaimer: The article shares information about the mature animation video.

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