Who Is Poonam Pandey’s Husband Sam Bombay? Relationships Timeline

In a shocking turn of events, actor and model Poonam Pandey passed away on Friday, February 2, 2024. Yes, you heard it right, Poonam Pandey is dead. She is no more. It is truly shocking and distressing to hear that renowned model Poonam Pandey departed her life at a young age. What was her age when she passed away? Reportedly, the actress was just 32 years of when she passed away on Friday morning, February 2, 2024. Several questions related to Poonam Pandey’s death have been swirling in people’s minds since the news broke out that she is no more. Eventually, Poonam Pandey’s relationship with her former husband Sam Bombay also came to light once again. Who is Sam Bombay? Everything has been explained in this article, that you need to know about Poonam Pandey. Continue reading this article and go through the article till the end. Drag down the page.

Poonam Pandey's Husband

Who Is Poonam Pandey’s Husband?

Speaking of her death news, it was shared and confirmed by her family members through Poonam Pandey’s official Instagram handle. The actress was just 32 years of age at the time of her demise. As the model died at a young age, her death news came as a huge shock to the whole entertainment industry. Meanwhile, fans have been thrown into a frenzy to know what led to the untimely demise of Poonam Pandey at the age of 32. What is Poonam Pandey’s cause of death? The internet has been flooded with questions related to Poonam Pandey’s cause of death. Kindly shift to the next section and read what happened to her.

According to the official statement, the model passed away this morning due to cervical cancer. Poonam Pandey’s official cause of death was cervical cancer, said family. Yes, the adult model Poonam Pandey lost her life due to cervical cancer. The statement shared by Poonam Pandey’s family on Instagram reads, “This morning is a tough one for us. Deeply saddened to inform you that we have lost our beloved Poonam to cervical cancer. Every living form that ever came in contact with her was met with pure love and kindness. In this time of grief, we would request for privacy while we remember her fondly for all that we shared.” Swipe down the page and read more details.

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Poonam Pandey’s latest Instagram post has shaken the industry, leaving millions of fans worried and extremely saddened. Social media platforms have been flooded with heartfelt tributes and condolences since the news surfaced on the internet. Many renowned personalities also have paid tributes to Poonam Pandey. Poonam Pandey’s manager Parul Chawla said the model fell ill with cervical cancer a few days back. The cancer was detected when it was in its last state. Furthermore, Poonam was in UP in her hometown during her last moments.

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Speaking about Poonam Pandey’s funeral and last rite, her manager Parul Chawla said, “She got detected with cancer sometime back and it was in the later stage. She was in UP her hometown, and the funeral will mostly happen there. We are yet to get more details.”

Poonam Panday Accused Ex-Husband Sam Bombay of Domestic Violence

Since the news broke out that Poonam Panday is dead, everyone has started unraveling the history of the incident when the model accused her former husband of domestic violence and molestation. The incident when Poonam Panday levied serious allegations on Sam Bombay dates back to 2020 shortly after their marriage. Also, the actor opened up about her ex-husband Sam Bombay when she took part in the reality show Lock Upp. On the second episode of Lock Upp, Poonam Panday accused her former husband of domestic violence.

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Upon hearing Poonam Panday’s allegations against him, Sam Bombay also publicly spoke about the allegations. During an interview with Times of India, Poonam Panday said her ex-husband assaulted and molested her on their honeymoon. A few days later, Sam publicly said “She had no idea what molestation is.” Her ex-husband also hinted that he was the victim of domestic violence instead of being guilty of physically assaulting Poonam Panday. To know more about the domestic violence controversy of Poonam Panday and Sam Bombay take a look below.

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Sam Bombay further added, “Millions of men are suffering and they have no way to get out of this,” he said while adding that he went to the police several times but didn’t get any help. For the unversed, Poonam and Sam tied the knot to each other in September 2020. They went to Goa for their honeymoon where Poonam accused her then-husband Sam Bombay and got him arrested by Goa Police. The model filed a police complaint against Sam for molesting and assaulting her. On Lock Upp, Poonam said “I have gone through a lot, made mistakes, got beaten up and now I want to change the world’s opinion about me. I am also a human being, who has emotions and is not filled with just controversy,”

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