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Gather the information about Yakalandı de Vurulan of Izmir Taksici Cinayeti Video Twitter footage 2024 from this article in a truthful manner.

Do you guys know that the lives of taxi drivers are at risk even on the roads and with the passengers they travel with? One driver named Oğuz Erge from Türkiye was killed brutally by his passenger who came into his car, and this news has gone viral.

So here in this article, we are going to explain the Taksici Cinayeti Video Twitter in a detailed manner by providing the timeline of this murder story.

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Here, the term “Taksici Cinayeti” refers to “Taxi murder.” On January 31, 2024, a taxi driver named Oğuz Erge from Izmir was gunshot by his passenger, Delil Aysal, three times, and he died at that moment. The entire gunshot video is recorded on the dash cam of the car. So, the culprit was caught by the police officials, and currently, the gunshot video is going viral on the Twitter platform. And we were able to see the censored version of it on Twitter.

Data related to Taksici Cinayeti Video Twitter

More details about the video of Izmir Taksici Cinayeti 2024

Izmir is the place where the gunshot incident occurred. On January 31, a guy named Delil Aysal took a taxi at 3.30 PM, and Oguz was the taxi driver. Delil wore a hoodie and a face mask to hide his identity, and when the car moved on, Delil took his gun and shot Orguz three times from his back seat. 

Then, in the Izmir Taksici Cinayeti 2024 incident, the murderer stole the belongings of Oguz and ran away from the crime scene. After hearing the gunshot, people rushed towards the taxi and admitted him to the Izmir Atatürk Training and Research Hospital. But he died in the car itself.

More details about the video of Izmir Taksici Cinayeti 2024

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Taksici Cinayeti Yakalandı

Yakalandı means get caught. Here, all the crime scenes were caught with the help of the installed dash cam on the car. The murderer didn’t notice the camera, and he boldly committed his crime. As the video went viral on the internet, the general public started to request that police officials take immediate action against Delil. 

Taksici Cinayeti Yakalandı murderer also caught by the police officials. Police made an operation to find Delil, and they searched nearly 110 hours of CCTV footage to find the whereabouts of the murderer and finally caught him at Buca.

Taksici Cinayeti Yakalandı

Availability of the Izmir de Vurulan Taksici Video

Here, the term Vurulan refers to a shot, so the keywords refer to the gunshot video of taxi driver Orguz. The gunshot video of the crime scene can be seen on many news websites and YouTube channels, but everything is available in the censored version since it will be more brutal to see the person getting shot. 

In addition to the Izmir de Vurulan Taksici Video, another video is also trending: the Car Convoy video. After the death of Orguz, a group of 250 car drivers drove their cars as a convoy to give a message to government officials to take action against the murderer. The convoy video was a sign of protest regarding the death of Orguz.

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Taksici Cinayeti Video Twitter shows how an innocent driver and father of two kids was brutally killed. The killer, Delil, provided an open statement that he killed Orguz for a simple exhortation activity, and he felt like killing someone and Orguz seemed to be a better option for him, so he killed him for no reason at all.

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Disclaimer: This article shares information about a brutal gun shooting incident and shares some images related to it.

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