Kyo Kaneko Face Reveal 2024: Real Name And Age

Kyo Kaneko has finally revealed his face in 2024. The face behind the mysterious person has been disclosed. A lot of people on social media are claiming that the identity of Kyo Kaneko has been disclosed finally. Kyo is an English-speaking guy VTuber who has been signed up for YouTube since July 2022. A lot of people follow him and he has a good level of fan following. People love his content because he makes some of the best videos as a VTuber. For a lot of time, a lot of people were asking him to reveal his face and now the time is here. To learn everything just read this article till the end and do not miss any line of this article to learn the truth.

Kyo Kaneko
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Kyo Kaneko Face Reveal

Kyo Kaneko is a well-known English-speaking VTUber who was signed with YouTube in July 2022. He belongs to the sixth wave of NIJISANJIEN, ELUNA which includes Ren Zotto, Aia Amare, Aster Arcadia, Scarle Yonaguni, and Maria Marionette. Kyo has attracted a great amount of fan following and public notice in a very short time. He has a great voice which helps in attracting fans and he also has a strong desire to make the audience laugh by making fun of his stream. He revealed that he wanted to be a filmmaker before he joined YouTube but on the other hand, he didn’t have any friends who could help him make movies so then he started editing.

YouTube video

For a lot of time, the audience was asking Kyo Kaneko to reveal his face. He is an ILUNA first-year student whose face has been officially unveiled. He also uses the pronouns he/him even though he has posted an avatar that appears feminine. A lot of people want to see his real face. His real identity is a big mystery as he grows more robust because of the lack of facial reveal. But he has kept his real identity a secret which has left fans in a spectulation.

YouTube video

Some people online are claiming that Kyo Kaneko has revealed his real identity, he has come out with his real face. So sadly this is a fake rumor. This rumor is not true. Some people are saying to gain attention but it is not real. Kyo Kaneko loves to keep his identity secret which makes people more attracted to him. There is no hint that what is his real identity even though it is not known how old he is.

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