Is Janel Grant Pregnant In 2024? Baby Bump Pictures Viral On Social Media

Janel Grant and Vince McMahon have been the topic of the town since the former filed a lawsuit against McMahon for sexually assaulting and exploiting her. Amid the ongoing legal proceedings, rumors erupted that Janel Grant was pregnant. Is it true? Many online posts are spreading the news that former WWE wrestler Janel Grant is pregnant, adding a layer of intrigue among WWE fans. We have published this article to address the ongoing rumors about the former employee of WWE. Be with this page for a while until you go through the article till the end. Drag down the page and take a look below.

Janel Grant
Image Credit: Janel Grant

Is Janel Grant Pregnant? Baby Bump Pictures Viral On Social Media

When thousands of people sought answers to the question “Is Janel Grant pregnant in 2024?” we found it compelled to address the pregnancy rumors about her. We went on to do a deep research on it. Unfortunately, we did not find any concrete evidence or official report that says Janel Grant is pregnant, hinting it a fake news. As there is no credible report or source that confirms Janel Grant is pregnant in 2024, we debunk the rumors. Continue reading this article.

As of now, Janel Grant has not publicly opened up about her pregnancy in 2024. She has been maintaining silence despite her pregnancy news is buzzing a lot on the internet. After retiring from wrestling, Janel Grant has gained significant weight. Her weight gain images were eventually considered baby bump pictures by the netizens and sparked pregnancy rumors. This article is contrary to the claims that the former WWE wrestler is pregnant. As there is no confirmation regarding her pregnancy, we can not claim that Janel Grant is expecting a child in 2024. Shift to the next section and read about her controversy.

The former WWE wrestler Janel Grant recently filed a lawsuit against the former CEO and co-founder of WWE, Vince McMahon. She accused him of sexual assault, trafficking, and exploitation during her tenure with WWE. Shockingly, Janel Grant even released the text messages of Vince McMahon that he allegedly sent to her. In the message, Vince demanded Janel Grant to pose like a p*rnstar in front of John Laurinaitis. This shocking revelation came to light when Janel Grant filed a case against Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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