WATCH: Kristina Koko russian youtuber leaked videos links, viral MMS strains controversy online

Kristina Koko, a renowned YouTuber and social media influencer. She is a Russian woman who embarks on an adventurous journey for her YouTube channel’s content. However, Kristina Koko has crafted a respected reputation for herself in the landscape of the digital world but nowadays she is in the news headlines due to a scandalous video that is taking over the internet by storm. If you have been a regular Instagram user or a follower of Kristina Koko, you must have heard about a case when a Russian YouTuber or Vlogger was harassed in Delhi. That Russian Vlogger was none other than Kristina Koko. You are suggested to follow the article till the end and go through all the following sections. Drag down the page.


Kristina Koko In India Viral Video Mms Link Russian Youtuber Girl

Kristina Koko is Russian by nationality but she has garnered a huge fan following in India. Across the world, Kristina Koko is known as a YouTuber but recently netizens were left with a frenzy to know what happened to Kristina Koko. All of a sudden Kristina Koko reportedly deactivated all her social media accounts including her YouTube channel. As of now, no concrete evidence or official statement has been received for the reason of Kristina Koko’s accounts deactivation but it is believed that the influence disappeared from social media after a harassment incident that she endured when she visited Delhi’s Sarojni Nagar.

YouTube video

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When Kristina Koko visited Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi, a man from the crowd allegedly harassed her upon knowing that she was a Russian. Additionally, the incident was also recorded on various cameras. Now the scandalous video of Kristina Koko is trending on social networking sites which supposedly led her to deactivate all her social accounts including her YouTube channel. Swipe down the page and read more details.

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The man tried to initiate inappropriate activities on Kristina Koko and uttered harassing comments to her but Kristina Koko remained polite and calm while ending her conversation with the unknown Delhi boy. Later news came up that Kristina Koko filed a police complaint for harassment in Sarojini Nagar’s market. It is said that the unknown man from the crowd asked Kristina Koko “Would you be my friend?” Though, the man asked it in Hindi which Kristina Koko did not understand. As of now, Kristina Koko is 24 years old. She was born on December 24, 1999. Stay tuned.

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