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Metacritic feedback about Kill the Justice League Metacritic Game Suicide Squad Deleting Reviews highlights disappointment. Let’s learn more!

The user questions the discrepancy between player counts and reviews from Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, suggesting potential refunds without feedback. Concerns about Steam’s auto function related to Kill the Justice League Metacritic Game Suicide Squad Deleting Reviews spark discussions on combating review bombing and distinguishing legitimate feedback from fraudulent ones.

About Suicide Squad Deleting Reviews:

The Suicide Squad gaming community is abuzz over deleted Steam reviews, focusing on those playing less than two hours, leaving negative feedback, and asking for a refund. Users debate the legitimacy of claims, with some accusing Steam of bias and others supporting actions against “review bombing.” Dissatisfaction arises from suspicions of fraudulent reviews manipulating the game’s score. reviews:

The critic’s reviews and feedback on about Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League indicated that the game’s live-service model feels like a limitation, leaving players wondering about missed opportunities. Despite repetitive gameplay, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Metacritic reviews speak about the anti-hero romp is visually striking, and the game’s split personalities hinder it from reaching the heights of Rocksteady’s previous works. The core gameplay is diverse and addicting, but live-service elements complicate an otherwise winning formula. It’s a mix of quality and shortcomings, making it enjoyable for some but not fully justifying its price tag.’s Critic Reviews
Metascore 62 (Average)
Positive reviews 5 (17%)
Mixed reviews 18 (62%)
Negative reviews 1 (3%)

Gamers’ Reviews on about Suicide Squad Game:

Gamers' Reviews on about Suicide Squad Game

Many users are disappointed with the gameplay, which they find repetitive. Specifically, they mention that escort missions and lack of variety are significant drawbacks. Another point of criticism is the story, which some users find lazy and poorly written. In particular, they question the lack of explanation for Brainiac’s influence on the Justice League. 

The live-service model is also facing criticism, as users express concerns about its long-term sustainability and how it may affect the overall quality of the game. Overall, users highlight graphics, smooth traversal, and shooting as positives but feel let down by the game’s execution, pricing, and disrespect towards beloved characters.

Suicide Squad Game User Reviews:

User Reviews:
User score 3.8 (Generally Unfavorable)
Positive reviews 171 (29%)
Mixed reviews 59 (10%)
Negative reviews 367 (61%)

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About Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League:

Amanda Waller coerces Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn, and King Shark to form the Suicide Squad, implanting bombs in their heads. Brainwashed Justice League members attack, triggering a mission to stop Brainiac’s invasion. The squad faces challenges, recruits villains, and learns of multiple Brainiacs across dimensions. 

With the help of an alternate Lex Luthor, they confront Brainiac, extract vital information, and thwart his multiverse invasion. The Suicide Squad is now gearing up to pursue the remaining Brainiacs across alternate dimensions. However, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Metacritic reviews did not discuss about the deletions. 

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League
Released On 02-Feb-24
Platforms Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, PC
Initial Release Date 02-Feb-24
Developer Rocksteady Studios
Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Genres Third Person Shooter

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While some users question the discrepancy between player counts and reviews, suggesting potential refunds without feedback, others express concerns about Steam’s auto function, sparking debates on combatting review bombing and distinguishing legitimate feedback. Despite positive aspects like graphics and character-driven gameplay, the overall execution falls short for many users, leading to generally neutral/mixed feedback.

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