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The article will give details about Justin Mohn Original Video 4chan, the Holding Head clip on Twitter and Reddit.

Have you come across the viral video of Justin Mohn? People from the United States were devastated to find out about the Pennsylvania man who murdered his father and severed his head and uploaded a 14-minute video online. The video came as a shock to people, and they were disturbed by finding the video displayed on YouTube. 

In this article, we will talk about Justin Mohn Original Video 4chan, 4chan, and find out the further details of the murder. Keep reading the article. 

Details about Justin Mohn Original Video 4chan

Details about Justin Mohn Original Video 4chan

Justin Mohn, a 32-year-old man from Pennsylvania, murdered his father, decapitated his head, wrapped it in a plastic bag, and uploaded a 14-minute video on YouTube describing his father’s death. The incident happened in their home, and in the video, he can be heard saying that his father was a traitor. 

The Justin Mohn Original Video Twitter has become a topic of discussion since it was shared on several online platforms including 4chan. Justin accused his father of being a traitor to his country, and the video that he uploaded should blame the US government and the administration for the declining country. 

Justin Mohn Original Video Twitter

The video that was uploaded highlighted many topics, such as the LGBTQ community, black lives, and other related matters. The police officials hold the culprit, and he is under their custody. The police officials reported that when they reached home, they found his father lying dead upstairs. 

The Justin Mohan Reddit Video gathered much attention, and it was shared in huge numbers by people who came across the video online. As it contained sensitive content, the video has been taken down from all online platforms where it was found. Justin is charged with first-degree murder of his 68-year-old father. 

Justin Mohan Reddit Video

Justin Mohan Reddit Video

Justin beheaded his father, Michael Mohn, on Tuesday night. The police officials got hold of the culprit after they came across the YouTube video that Justin had posted online. They further said that it seemed Justin had been reading a script as he condemned the government for their activities and called his father a traitor. 

The Justin Moan Holding Head Video was uploaded on the same day when he murdered his father. In the video, he called himself a militia leader, and his father was a federal employee, for which he called him a traitor. The horrific act of crime circulated on social media without any filter. 

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Justin Moan Holding Head Video

The video of Justin holding the severed head office father made people distressed and angry about the horrific crime that he committed. People demanded strict action against the criminal, and they entirely condemned his actions and the reasons that he gave for murdering his father. 

Justin Mohn Reddit video became a topic of discussion among people who came across it. Still, due to inappropriate content, the video was taken down from the platform, and now we cannot find the video circulating on any social media platform. The incident has shocked people worldwide, and some even termed Justin a maniac. 

Is the footage available on YouTube?

Is the footage available on YouTube

The video of the brutal killing is not present, and Justin Mohn Original Video on Twitter has been taken down from the internet. However, the pictures are horrifying, and we suggest people keep themselves away from such content. It is also mandatory that people stop sharing the video. 

Justin Mohn was also a YouTuber, and after the horrifying video that he uploaded, his YouTube channel has been terminated for posting violent content and violating the policies of the channel. 

Social media links

Reddit- No link is present.

Twitter- The links have been removed.


The details of Justin Mohn Original Video 4chan, have been provided in our post. The gruesome act is highly condemned, and we demand strict action against Justin for committing such a heinous crime. People who are eager to know about the complete incident can find the information on various online websites and news channels.

What are your thoughts on the brutal video? Comment below.

Disclaimer- We do not intend to hurt the sentiments and feelings of people associated with the information, and the news provided here is taken from online sources.

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