Who Is Scarlett Jenkinson Sister? Meet Her Father And Mother

Today, we are going to learn who is Scarlett Jenkinson’s sister. The name of Scarlett is currently trending online. Her name is making headlines. People are interested to know about Scarlett Jenkinson’s parents. Mostly people are interested to know about her entire family. The question of her family is one of the most asked questions of current time on the internet. She is the girl who has been identified as one of the perpetrators in a recent murder case. To learn about the murder case and her parents, so read this article to the last without missing a single line of this article.

Scarlett Jenkinson
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Scarlett Jenkinson Family

Scarlett Jenkinson is a girl whose name is trending right now. She has been recently identified as one of the suspects in the tragic murder of a transgender girl, Brianna Ghey. Recently, we all got to learn that a trans girl lost her life as some people killed her. The prime suspects in this case are two one is Scarlett Jenkinson and the other one has been identified as Eddie Ratcliffe. They both are 16 years old. They both brutally killed Brianna by stabbing her a total of 28 times. This incident occurred in Culcheth Linear Park in Warrington, Cheshire. Continue reading this article to learn about a shocking thing.

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The murder of Brianna Ghey is not a recent case. This is a case that has been running since last year as Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe killed the trans girl on 11th February 2023. Since then this case has been running and finally after one year the deceased girl has received justice. Eddie and Scarlett have been sentenced to life in jail. Scarlett has received a minimum term of 22 years. Since the news of their arrest has been announced a lot of people are talking about Scarlett Jenkinson’s sister. It is not known why people are interested in learning about her sister and her parents. But to learn about her family, scroll down to the next paragraph of this article.

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Unfortunately, there is no information available about her sister. Even it is not confirmed whether she has any sisters or not. But the trans girl who died had a sister whose name was Alisha Ghey. Alisha is still in pain because of the brutal murder of her sister. There is some information about Scarlett Jenkinson’s parents. It has been reported that the name of her mother is Emma Sutton and the name of her father is Brian Jenkinson. It is not known what they do. Their daughter has completely ruined their reputation it is not known where they both are right now.

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