Is He Married? Family And Net Worth

Zuber Issa, alongside his wife Asma, champions a private family life despite his public business success.

Zuber Issa, with his brother Mohsin, has carved a distinct path in the world of business. Their journey began in Blackburn, England, where they were raised by Indian immigrant parents.

Starting from modest beginnings, they built a remarkable empire within the petrol station industry, known as EG Group. Zuber and his wife Asma maintain a private life.

However, glimpses into their close-knit family and philanthropic endeavors paint a picture of individuals who value both success and community. 

This exploration delves into Zuber’s life, examining his professional achievements and familial connections.

Also explore the sources of his shared wealth with his brother, offering a nuanced perspective on this prominent businessman.

Zuber Issa Wife: Is He Married? 

Yes, Zuber Issa is married and his wife’s name is Asma Issa.

They have been married since 1998 and have four children together. Both Zuber and Asma prefer to keep their personal lives private.

However, there have been a few instances where Asma has offered rare glimpses into their life together. 

While Zuber Issa’s marriage is well-documented, the exact date remains shrouded in privacy. It reflects the couple’s desire to keep their personal lives out of the spotlight. 

This respect for their wishes extends beyond specific dates. It encompasses details about their relationship and family life. 

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Instead, the focus should shift to the wealth of information available about Zuber’s entrepreneurial journey and impactful contributions within the business world. 

Zuber Issa Family Details: Where Is He From?

Zuber Issa, alongside his brother Mohsin, has built a business empire while maintaining a close-knit family life. 

Zuber Issa Wife
Zuber Issa and his brother Mohsin have woven a remarkable narrative of entrepreneurial spirit and community focus. (Source: thetimes)

He was born in Blackburn, England, to Indian immigrants. They grew up in a modest household before venturing into the petrol station business. 

They married and built families of their own, residing near their childhood home in Blackburn. Both Zuber and his wife Asma keep a low profile.

However, they’ve shared glimpses into their supportive family dynamic, including involvement in local charities. 

The details about extended family members remain private. Family plays a significant role in their lives. 

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Respecting their privacy, people can appreciate their achievements while focusing on their public contributions through their business ventures and charitable endeavors.

How Much Is Zuber Issa Net Worth?

While Zuber Issa’s individual net worth remains undisclosed, the source of their combined wealth lies in their extensive business ventures. 

Zuber Issa Wife
From their humble beginnings in Blackburn to the helm of a vast business empire like EG Group, their journey embodies dedication and strategic acumen. (Source: manchestereveningnews)

The Sunday Times Rich List estimates their combined net worth at £5.05 billion as of 2023. It ranks them as the 40th wealthiest family in the UK. 

However, attributing a specific portion of this net worth to each brother is impossible due to their shared ownership. Hence, there is a lack of publicly available financial disclosures.

Both brothers co-founded and co-own EG Group. It is a large gas station and convenience store chain operating across Europe, the United States, and Australia. 

Additionally, the brothers expanded their portfolio in 2020. They acquired a majority stake in the British supermarket chain Asda, further diversifying their income sources. 

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Although individual financial details remain private, it’s clear that EG Group’s vast operations and recent acquisitions constitute the major drivers of their shared wealth.


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