Meet Rosie Lewis And Josh Lewis

Meet Harry Lewis siblings, renowned personalities who’ve carved their own paths, accompanying the influential UK YouTube star.

Harry Lewis, recognized as w2s or Wroetoshaw, garners fame as a British YouTube sensation, renowned for his FIFA gameplay and live commentary videos.

With a staggering 16 million subscribers on his primary channel, he also contributes to The Sidemen, a prominent YouTube collective.

Yet, beyond his digital persona lies a familial connection worth exploring. Introducing Rosie Lewis and Josh Lewis, siblings of Harry Lewis, who have carved their own niche in the realm of social media.

While Harry’s prominence illuminates screens worldwide, Rosie and Josh make significant strides in their respective digital endeavors, adding a familial dimension to the expansive world of online influence.

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Harry Lewis Siblings: Meet Rosie Lewis And Josh Lewis

Rosie Lewis, sibling to Harry Lewis, boasts a significant following on her Instagram account @rosielewis, with over 1.2 million followers.

Her feed showcases her diverse interests, featuring snapshots of her travels, fashion statements, and daily lifestyle.

Complementing her Instagram presence, Rosie operates a YouTube channel with a substantial subscriber base of over 300k.

Harry Lewis Siblings
Rosie Lewis, Harry Lewis sibling, delves into varied interests spanning travel, fashion, and everyday lifestyle choices. (Image Source: Wattpad)

On this platform, she shares vlogs, engages in challenges, and conducts Q&A sessions.

Notably, Rosie shares a close bond with her brother Harry, often joining him and his associates from The Sidemen in social settings.

Additionally, her romantic involvement with YouTube personality Chris Dixon, known as Calfreezy, adds to her public presence.

Meanwhile, Josh Lewis, the elder sibling of Harry, is an established YouTuber with over 500k subscribers on his channel @joshlewisgsy.

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Josh’s content primarily revolves around his fitness journey, pranks, and reaction videos.

He further engages with his audience through live streaming on Twitch, where he showcases his gaming prowess in popular titles like FIFA, Call of Duty, and Fortnite.

Like Rosie, Josh shares a strong camaraderie with his brother Harry and often collaborates with him and other members of The Sidemen across various platforms.

Harry Lewis Family: Ethnicity & Origin

Harry Lewis, born on November 24, 1996, originates from Guernsey, an English Channel island, holding British nationality and white ethnicity.

While his mother, Sue Lewis, features in his YouTube videos, his father’s identity remains undisclosed.

Harry’s upbringing transpired in Guernsey, attending Elizabeth College, a local private school, before relocating to London, where he shared living quarters with prominent YouTubers Callux and Calfreezy.

Harry Lewis Family
Harry Lewis leaves a lasting imprint on the digital realm through his content and collaborations, captivating audiences with his charm. (Image Source: Newsunzip)

Harry’s ascent to YouTube stardom has been notable, marked by his entertaining and humorous content, garnering a significant fan base.

Recognizable by his iconic blue jumper and fervent support for Chelsea FC, he’s a familiar presence at their matches.

Presently, he’s romantically linked with Sasha Appleton, a model, and influencer boasting over 400k Instagram followers.

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Harry’s trajectory exemplifies the digital age’s transformative potential, showcasing how individuals can harness online platforms for widespread influence.

From Guernsey’s tranquility to the bustling hub of YouTube fame, his journey underscores the power of digital connectivity in shaping contemporary lifestyles and relationships.

Through his content and partnerships, Harry Lewis continues to leave an indelible mark on the digital landscape, captivating audiences with his charisma and relatable persona.


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