Does He Have Siblings? Family Tree In 2024

Does Gregg Wallace have a brother? Get updates on the personal life of a well-known British broadcaster, entrepreneur, media personality, writer, and former greengrocer. 

He is best known for co-presenting MasterChef, Celebrity MasterChef, and MasterChef: The Professionals, alongside celebrity chef John Torode, on BBC One and BBC Two. He has also written several cookbooks and hosted various food-related shows on TV and radio. But how much do you know about his personal life and family background? Here are some interesting facts about Gregg Wallace’s brother, siblings, and family tree.

Gregg Wallace Brother: Does He Have Siblings?

Gregg Wallace was born on 17 October 1964 in Peckham, South London. He has two brothers: Adam Press and Biffo Wallace.

Adam is his full brother, while Biffo is his half-brother from his father’s second marriage.

Gregg has said that he was very close to his brothers growing up, and they often helped him with his vegetable business. Biffo Wallace is a musician and songwriter who goes by the stage name of Biff.

Gregg Wallace Brother
Gregg Wallace shared a strong bond with his brothers, who frequently assisted him with his vegetable business endeavors. (Image Source: HELLO! Magazine)

He is the lead singer and guitarist of the rock band Feeder, which he formed in 1994 with Grant Nicholas and Jon Lee.

Feeder has released 11 studio albums and has had several hit singles, such as “Buck Rogers”, “Just a Day” and “Feeling a Moment”.

Biff has also collaborated with other artists, such as DJ Fresh, Ellie Goulding, and Tom Jones.

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Adam Press is a businessman who runs a company called Pressco Group, which provides catering equipment and services to the hospitality industry.

He is also involved in property development and investment. He lives in Kent with his wife and two children.

Gregg Wallace Family Tree Explored In 2024

Gregg Wallace’s family tree is quite complex, as he has been married four times and has three children from different relationships.

His first marriage was to Christine Wallace in 1991, but they divorced after six weeks. His second marriage was to Denise Wallace in 1999, but they divorced in 2004.

They have two children together: Tom Wallace, born in 1994, and Libby Wallace, born in 1997. Tom works as a bartender in London, while Libby is a dance teacher in Coventry.

His third marriage was to Heidi Wallace in 2011, but they divorced in 2012. They met on Twitter and had a whirlwind romance, but their relationship soon turned sour.

Gregg Wallace Family
Gregg Wallace shed pounds to enhance his physical appearance, reportedly to appeal to his younger wife, Anne-Marie. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Gregg accused Heidi of cheating on him with a friend of his, while Heidi claimed that Gregg was controlling and abusive.

His fourth and current marriage is to Anne-Marie Sterpini in 2016. They met on Twitter as well, when Anne-Marie contacted Gregg to ask him about rhubarb.

They hit it off and started dating, despite their 21-year age gap. They have one child together: Sid Massimo Wallace, born in 2019.

Sid is Gregg’s first son with Anne-Marie, but his third son overall, as he also has a son named George from a previous relationship with a woman named Cara Franco.

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George was born in 2011 and lives with his mother in Gloucestershire. Gregg Wallace’s parents are Allan Wallace and Margaret Wallace (née Smith).

Allan was a postman who died of a heart attack when Gregg was 25 years old. Margaret was a cleaner who died of pneumonia when Gregg was eight years old.

Gregg was raised by his grandmother Ethel Smith until he was ten years old, when he moved back with his father and stepmother Pauline Wallace (née Jones).

Pauline had two children from her previous marriage: Biffo Wallace and Sue Wallace.


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