Latrell McDougald Mugshot: Triton High School Teacher Arrested

Here we sharing a piece of big news with you Triton High School teacher has been arrested and charged with leading a trooper on a 150 mph chase. Since the news came on the internet it has gone viral on social media platforms and many people are shocked. Currently, the teacher arrest news has left many questions in people’s minds. Now people must be super keen to know about the whole information about the teacher and his arrest news. Here we have more information about the news and we will share it with you in this article.

Latrell McDougald
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Latrell McDougald Mugshot, Teacher Arrested

As per the report, the teacher has been identified as a 24-year-old Latrell McDougald. He is a friendly person who teaches math at Triton High School. He is good at making a number fun. Since the teacher’s name has come on the internet it has gone viral on social media platforms. People want to know about him but still, there is not much information about him as it has been not disclosed yet. Currently, this news has been gaining huge attention from the people. You are on the right page for more information about the news, so read the complete article.

Recently, Latrell got into a bit of danger with the police. They say he had been driving very fast like a speed racer hitting 96 miles per hour and then zooming up to 150 mph during a chase. The teacher admits he was speeding but believes the police might have got it wrong. He did not see the sirens, he states. It’s all a bit confusing, and individuals have been talking about it. Now people want to know about the whole information. Swipe up the next page for more information about the news. So read the full article till the end.

As we already mentioned, Latrell McDougald is an amazing teacher who is an award-winning math teacher. Latrell McDougald works at Triton High School. He is in trouble. He got captured in a fast-and-furious situation over the weekend. A police authority spotted him zooming at 96 miles per hour on Interstate 40, where the chase started. The officer turned on the flashy lights and blaring series, but McDougald did not hit the brakes. Rather, he revved up to a whopping 150 mph. The wild ride persisted as he exited Highway 242, ignoring a stop sign, and ducked across lanes like a speedy movie scene. So read the full article till the article.

Currently, the Latrell arrest news has been making a round and many people are shocked about it. Based on the report, the teacher Latrell accepts he was speeding but claims he did not notice the officer tailing him. He’s adamant that he never hit 150 mph, offering the trooper might have been racing to catch up. In a bizarre twist, McDougald stated he was just trying to get home at approximately 2 am to Raleigh. This news is gathering huge attention from the people as they want to know about whole information.

As far as we know, the teacher is better known for his math skills and now faces criminal charges and a not-so-teacher-like escapade on the roads. At this time, the teacher has been making rounds on the internet due to his arrest news. Reportedly, when a state trooper spotted Latrell going 96 miles per hour on Interstate 40, it all went down. The officer flicked on the lights and sirens, anticipating McDoughald to pull over. Here we have shared all the information. If we get any information then we will update you as soon as possible. Stay tuned to us for more updates.

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