W2S Parents: Meet Internet celebrity Mom Tricia And Dad Adrian

In this article, we are going to learn about W2S parents. We all know, who is W2S? But in case you don’t, so W2S is a renowned YouTube personality who is celebrated for his FIFA gameplay videos and honors reactions. He is also known as Wroetoshaw of Harry Lewis. He gained popularity after donning his trademark blue jumper. He has a very great online presence. Currently, a lot of people on social media are interested to know about his parents. People are interested to know about eh people who have given birth to the talented guy. So we have brought some details of the parents of the YouTuber, which you can read here. So read out this article till the end and do not miss any lien of this article.

W2S Parents
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Who are W2S’s Parents?

W2S is a famous YouTuber whose real name is Harry Lewish. He is also known by the name Wroetoshaw. He is famous for his FIFA gameplay videos and humorous reactions mostly donning his trademark blue jumper. He has a very captivating online presence. He has a following of millions. He was born on 24th November 1996. He hails from Alderney, which is one of the Channel Islands and he spent his formative years there till his family relocated to Guernsey in 2004. A lot of YouTube has claimed that the reason behind his success is his parents. His parents are the real force behind his remarkable journey to success. They have remained a lesser-known figure in his narrative. To know the names of W2S parents, scroll down to the next paragraph of this article.

W2S’s mother’s name is Tricia Lewis and the name of his father is Adrian Lewis. Through the operation outside the spotlight, they have served as the support pillar of the W2S journey. They always offered him unwavering support and guidance. Even after minimal visibility, they always guided their son and made him on the way to a successful journey. If we learn about the proper details of his parents it has been reported that his mother Tricia serves as a nurse in Guernsey and actively supports her son’s YouTube career, frequently making appearances in his videos. She also participates in charitable endeavors alongside W2S which include the 2019 Mount Kilimanjaro climb to raise funds for Comic Relief. Continue reading this article in the next paragraph to learn more.

W2S mother, Tricia Lewis is an active personality on Instagram. You can search her account by the username @ Tricia/lewis.58. On her social media account she shares glimpses of her family life, travels, and hobbies. Now if we talk about W2S’s father, Adrian Lewish he is a financial advisor in Guernsey. He occasionally features in W2S’s videos and holds a passion for football, aligning himself with Manchester United. He also engages with the audience on Twitter (X), where he shares insights on sports, and politics, and occasional updates on his son’s activities through his account. You can search his official Twitter (X) account by the username @adrianlewsi1969.

It’s time to learn about W2S partners. Who did he is married to? Is he married? These are several other questions that are asked by the public about the YouTubers. So it has been reported that, yes W2S is married. He is married to Sasha Appleton, who is a well-known social media star and model. They both held their grand ceremony in Dubai in December 2023. Their matrimony journey was started in 2020. First, he was dating a girl named Katie Leach. After breaking up with her and sometime later he started dating Sasha. Now they both are living a great marriage life. Keep following techballad.

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