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Recently, the interest of the netizens shifted to Paul Harrell and his wife. Since the news broke out that Paul Harrell had been diagnosed with cancer, his well-wishers and followers have been continuously sending him well wishes and showing their support in his formidable period of life. This article aims to provide you with a glimpse into the personal life of Paul Harrell and his wife Mary Harrell. The majority of the people are very well aware of Paul Harrell’s journey but only a few know who is Mary Harrell and what role she plays in Paul’s life. Thus, we have come up with this column to share an insight into Paul Harrell and Mary Harrell’s life’s ups and downs. Be sticky with this page and read it till the end. Scroll down the page.

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Who Is Paul Harrell’s Wife?

Paul Harrell came to prominence through his YouTube channel. Now he is a well-known YouTuber who has a deep knowledge of guns. He always speaks his thoughts bluntly. As of now, Paul is very close to a million subscribers on YouTube where he created his channel back in 2012.  So far, Paul has posted around 300 videos in which he primarily discusses guns and how law-abiding people might use them safely. Paul Harrell shows the demonstrations of different guns and advises on gun-related topics and recommendations on his YouTube channel.

In an unexpected turn of events, the beloved YouTuber announced in a video posted on his channel that he is leaving his empire and is letting his brother Roy continue his legacy ahead. This decision is owed to Paul’s ill health. In July 2023, Paul Harrell was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He revealed that he had little time left to continue churning out content daily, thus he decided that his brother Roy would take over from him. Paul said “The time I have left to continue making content in this format has become very short. As I’ve mentioned before a couple of the crew, we’re going to try to continue putting out content. The primary person behind that will be my brother Roy.”

Meanwhile, Paul’s brother Roy introduced himself by saying “Hello. So we’re going to continue this there’s gonna be some hiccups and it’s gonna be a little bit different. I have 35 years as a law enforcement officer in the area where I reside. I’m a state-certified hunter safety instructor. I’ve got a lot of training experience with personal defense firearms and carry and handguns and long guns etc. I’ve got plenty of anecdotes to share with you. So hang in there.”

Everyone is very well aware of Paul’s brother but he has not yet introduced his wife, Mary Harrell. This is why only a very few people know about her. Mary Harrell’s full name is Mary K Kimball whose name came to prominence because of her husband Paul Harrell who is a renowned YouTuber currently suffering from Pancreatic cancer. Mary Harrell shares a love connection with Paul Harrell.

Speaking of Mary Harrell and Paul Harrell’s parenthood, they entered the parenthood many years ago when they welcomed their two daughters Jacquelyn and Alexandria Harrell. However, the exact ages of their daughters are not known. Despite being a renowned YouTuber famous for sharing gun videos, he has kept his personal life including his wife and children, out of the public eye, adding a layer of intrigue and curiosity. Paul’s brother Roy has taken over him after he was diagnosed with cancer to continue his legacy. Stay tuned to this website

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