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Learn about Halsted Financial Scam related to misleading tactics, pressuring payment for debts not owed. Protect yourself with assertive action.

Halsted Financial Services offers expert financial guidance in the United States. With personalized plans and a commitment to transparency, Halsted Financials aim to empower customers to secure their financial future. Halsted Financials assist customers in managing investments, planning for retirement, paying off debts, and achieving financial freedom. But do they follow business ethics? Let’s unmask the Halsted Financial Scam!

About Halsted Financial Scam:

Customers reported receiving text messages from Halsted Financial Services to call back at 1(888)523-5135. Over the call, the representatives informed about past due-bill from various clients. Customers complained about harassing calls even after specifying that they had fully paid their bills to the specific clients. However, Halsted Financial Services reported it to credit bureaus. Customers were ripped off as it lowered their credit scores.

Deceptive Debt Collection: The Halsted Saga:

Customers complained about Halsted Financial Services for calling about unfamiliar debts, requesting personal info without explanation, and causing concern over potential fraudulent collections; which is now trending as the Halsted Financial Scam. They expressed frustration over persistent calls and letters regarding debts they didn’t recognize, leading to worries about privacy and potential scams. Some reported attempts to resolve debts resulted in confusion and a lack of clarity from Halsted Financial Services. 

Unmasking Halsted: The Harassment and Deception Game:

Unmasking Halsted The Harassment and Deception Game

Halsted Financial Services responded to customer complaints on BBB and several consumer forums, ensuring prompt action and acknowledgment. They reassured customers by ceasing communication attempts and placing numbers on a “Do Not Call” list, addressing concerns about persistent calls and harassment. Additionally, they committed not to report disputed accounts to credit agencies, which turned out to be a fake promise!

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Poor Halsted Financial Services:

Though negotiation options are available to resolve debts amicably, aiming for mutually beneficial solutions, Halsted Financial Services employed deceptive debt collection strategies about the origin (drill down) of the past due amount. Once the customer calls back, they do not cease communication upon request diligently. 

Options to deal with Halsted Financial Services if you paid in full:

To protect your rights when dealing with debt collectors, send a certified, return receipt debt validation letter. This requires Halsted Financials to prove the debt’s validity. You can also send a cease and desist letter or a denial of responsibility. The law mandates collectors to verify debts and cease collection until validated.

The features of Halsted Financial Services:

  • Business Name: Halsted Financial Services
  • Related Businesses: Windy City Capital Management, LLC
  • RMA Certification No: C1511-1054
  • CRCP Certification No: P1802-1272
  • Certified Since: 11/2015
  • CCO: Brian S. Glass, Esq., CRCP.
  • Email: and
  • Phone: (855) 284-0831 and (855) 476-5447
  • TTY: (800) 275-8639 Ext. 711
  • Head office: 8001 Lincoln Ave Ste 500, Skokie, IL 60077-3657
  • Correspondance Address: P.O. Box 828, Skokie, IL 60076
  • Business Incorporated: 5/29/2008
  • Years in Business: 15
  • Type of Entity: Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Business Management: Syed Ali (COO) and Brian Glass Esquire (General Counsel)
  • Website Addresses:
  • Serving Area: IL
  • Halsted Financial Scam reviews of their Payment Methods: Check and Credit Card
  • Referral Assistance: IL dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation
  • Business Categories: Collections Agencies

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Continued complaints suggest a need for ongoing vigilance and improvement to minimize instances of perceived harassment, miscommunication, and ceasing communication upon request. The company’s response indicates a poor approach to rectifying grievances in an attempt to collect past dues, which were specified as paid by the customers. However, due to the long-time presence and business category, Halsted Financial Services is possibly authentic.

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