Footpath, Vikki Campion, Wife Details!

This article shares some facts demonstrated in Barnaby Joyce Video Leaked on Twitter featuring him on the Footpath while speaking to his Wife, Vikki Campion.

Was Barnaby Joyce’s leaked message devastating for his reputation? The latest message circulated and went viral through a video has made people Worldwide believe that it would be damaging in every situation.

The video captured on the street where Barnaby could be seen in an unacceptable state reveals his condition and would have harmful consequences. So, delve into the Barnaby Joyce Video Leaked on Twitter through this post and determine what message he passed on.

Barnaby Joyce Video Leaked on Twitter:  

The leaked video on Twitter features Barnaby Joyce, who you can see lying on the street. The former Prime Minister’s condition in such a state had made people think about the circumstances that led him to lie on the street.

The clip also featured him remarking inappropriate words when he lay on the street in the dark.

Barnaby Joyce Footpath:

After the video depicted Barnaby lying on the street, many people became curious to know why he mumbled into his mobile device while lying on the street’s footpath. The emerged video sparked controversies for Barnaby.

This startling occurrence featuring Barnaby happened near his owned apartment, where Vikki Campion, his children’s mother, Campion, was snapped five years prior when she was expecting.

Barnaby Joyce Vikki Campion:

Vikki Campion, wife of Barnaby Joyce, has lately spoken out after learning that her spouse was discovered in Canberra past dark, murmuring into his cell phone while lying on the pavement.

When a recording of the former deputy prime minister surfaced, in which he appeared somewhat weary and tearful, Barnaby said he felt ashamed. Vikki also addressed Barnaby’s issue.

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Barnaby Joyce Wife:

Barnaby’s wife, Vikki, added in the statement made publicly that the angry remarks by her spouse did not address her and verified that she was with Barnaby over the call him when he lay on the footpath.

She also added that Barnaby usually self-lash, so he addressed himself over the call to her.

You can see the Nationals, front-runner Barnaby Joyce Footpath murmuring ‘dead’ into his mobile device while lying on Canberra’s pavement late at night in the video users posted online.

What did Vikki Campion add to her public statement?

Vikki stated she felt disappointed and should have helped her spouse instead of photographing the circumstances. He mentioned that once she was with Barnaby, he offered help to an individual lying on the footpath and brought him to Barnaby Joyce Vikki Campion residence.

Was Barnaby involved in controversies in the past?

Barnaby’s previous controversy was addressing Scott Morrison as a hypocrite and liar. It reinforces the widely held belief that the prime minister is hypocritical.

In addition, it is devastating because it mentions the character of the Prime Minister and was sent before Barnaby returned to the National Party’s leadership in 2022.

However, the recent clip showing him on a footpath made Barnaby Joyce Wife address the issue.

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Barnaby Joyce’s latest clip showed him lying on the street in the dark, creating controversies. His wife, Vikki Campion later addressed the issue, while Barnaby also apologized. Hold back till we fetch more details on the circumstances that made Barnaby lay on the street.

What were you reactions while watching Barnaby Joyce Video Leaked on Twitter? Do share with us.

Disclaimer– We do not criticize the actions or circumstances that demean politicians or celebrities. We inform citizens about their experiences and occurrences.

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