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Amra Deisenhammer is a versatile creative force, known for her expertise in set design, costume design, and fashion.

Fleeing Sarajevo during the war in 1992, she has since become a sought-after figure in the arts, blending her talents with strategic roles at GW Cosmetics.

Her recent marriage to Rainer Deisenhammer, alongside her contributions to the cosmetics industry, highlights her multifaceted career and entrepreneurial spirit.

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GW Cosmetics Amra Deisenhammer Wikipedia

Amra Deisenhammer, a multifaceted individual, embodies resilience and creativity. Fleeing Sarajevo during the war in 1992, she has since become a renowned figure in set design, costume design, and fashion.

Reflecting on her experiences, particularly triggered by the recent Ukraine war, Deisenhammer acknowledges the enduring impact of past traumas.

Despite these challenges, she has flourished professionally, founding her fashion label and immersing herself in diverse creative pursuits.

In both her personal and professional spheres, Deisenhammer thrives. Her recent marriage to Rainer Deisenhammer, the owner of GW Cosmetics, not only signifies a personal milestone but also marks a professional collaboration.

Amra Deisenhammer Wikipedia
Amra Deisenhammer with Monica Rintersbacher during an event (Image Source: leitbetriebe)

Working alongside her husband in the international cosmetics group, she contributes to strategic direction, marketing concepts, and design.

Their shared commitment to supporting art and culture underscores their partnership, exemplified by their sponsorship of events like the Opera Ball and their upcoming celebration-themed “United in Beauty.”

The integration of GW Cosmetics products into Amra Vienna’s sales rooms showcases the synergy between artistry and cosmetics.

The introduction of RefectoCil®’s newest product line, Intense Brow(n)s, highlights the company’s innovation and international expansion, notably into the competitive US market.

As the Deisenhammers toast this milestone, surrounded by friends, colleagues, and notable figures, they epitomize the fusion of entrepreneurship, creativity, and celebration.

Amra Deisenhammer Age

At 45 years old, Amra Deisenhammer epitomizes the essence of resilience and creativity, her age serving as a testament to her journey and accomplishments.

Fleeing Sarajevo amidst the war in 1992, she embarked on a path defined by determination and adaptability.

Despite the tumultuous start, Deisenhammer’s career trajectory soared, spanning multiple disciplines including set design, costume design, and fashion.

Her age encapsulates a wealth of experiences, each contributing to her multifaceted approach to creativity and entrepreneurship.

From studying piano at the Salzburg Mozarteum to founding her fashion label, “Amra Wien,” renowned for its distinctive Viennese aesthetic, her age underscores a lifetime dedicated to artistic expression and innovation.

Amra Deisenhammer Wikipedia
Amra Deisenhammer, a versatile creative, excels in set and costume design as well as fashion, shaping Vienna’s cultural landscape with her distinctive style. (Image Source: looklive)

The recent upheavals, particularly triggered by the Ukraine war, have prompted Deisenhammer to reflect on the enduring impact of past traumas.

Despite the passage of time, she acknowledges that certain experiences remain deeply ingrained, shaping both her personal and professional endeavors.

Through introspection and resilience, Deisenhammer navigates the complexities of her past, channeling them into her creative pursuits.

Her ability to confront adversity with grace and determination is reflected not only in her artistic endeavors but also in her strategic contributions to GW Cosmetics, where she now serves as a driving force alongside her husband, Rainer Deisenhammer.

As she approaches midlife, Deisenhammer’s age serves as a reminder of the milestones she has achieved and the potential for continued growth and innovation.

Her recent marriage to Rainer Deisenhammer, owner of GW Cosmetics, marks a significant personal and professional milestone.

Together, they embark on a journey of collaboration, leveraging their shared passions for art, culture, and entrepreneurship.

With each passing year, Deisenhammer’s age becomes synonymous with wisdom, experience, and an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and reshaping industries.

As she continues to make her mark on the world stage, her age becomes not just a number but a symbol of resilience, creativity, and enduring success.

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