WATCH: Alan lawson Snapchat Video in Saltcoats, Trending On Social Media

In a shocking turn of events, the story of Alan Lawson came to light. In case, you have been active on social media, you might have come across the posts that are related to Alan Lawson’s Snapchat Video. For the unversed, Alan Lawson was the victim of kidnap and torture. Reportedly, he passed away after he was found brutally injured when the perpetrator dumped him at his home after torturing him for a long time. Shockingly, the perpetrator who kidnapped and tortured Alan Lawson, also shared a chilling video on the internet, posing with a bloodied Alan Lawson lying unconscious on the floor. Yes, you heard it right, the culprit recorded a video of him with Alan Lawson lying unconscious on the floor in his pool of blood. Drag down.

Alan Lawson
The alleged attacker shared a selfie of himself smeared in blood ( Image: Daily Record)

Alan Lawson Snapchat Video Trending On Social Media

The chilling video of Alan Lawson is now trending on the internet and creating a stir all around the internet. Many people have been left extremely disturbed by this incident. Recently, the family of the victim reacted to this incident and police launched a murder probe in this case. In the following sections, we have shared all the imperative details that you should know about this case. Stick with this page and keep reading this article for more details. Swipe down the page for more details.

Alan Lawson was a resident of the small Scottish town of Saltcoats. He was 36 years of age at the time of his demise. Reportedly, he was recently seen in a chilling video when his killer recorded a selfie video after torturing him for a couple of days. This incident left the entire community of Saltcoats grappling with the pain of Alan Lawson’s tragic death. The killer who kidnapped Alan Lawson and tortured him, confessed and added horrific insult to Alan Lawson’s death, sparking outrage on the internet as netizens are voicing for justice for Alan Lawson.

Recent reports have confirmed that Saltcoats Police have launched a murder investigation in this case. As per the preliminary investigation, Alan Lawson was assaulted brutally at a house located on Alexander Avenue in Largs. Furthermore, the investigation also claimed that the attack happened on the first weekend of this month when Alan Lawson was kidnapped. Reportedly, the kidnapper dumped Alan Lawson at his house after torturing him for a couple of days. Alan sustained life-threatening injuries during the assault.

However, Alan Lawson was taken to hospital in the hope of reviving him and saving his life, but the 36-year-old man could not sustain the pain of his injuries and succumbed to them at the hospital, casting a somber shadow over the entire community of Saltcoats. Adding a layer of shock and heinousness, the culprit recorded a graphic video of Alan Lawson’s injuries and shared it on Snapchat. The viral Alan Lawson Snapchat Video shows the victim’s bloodied face and neck. Swipe down the page and take a look below for more details.

The disturbing image of Alan Lawson going viral on Snapchat has caused outrage on the internet. Recently, Alan’s sister from his family, Amie Lawson spoke for the justice of her brother who died two days after he was tortured in Largs and dumped at his home in Saltcoats. Amie said, “My big bro Alan has sadly passed. We are lost for words. I am numb. I’m never going to be the same now. I’m completely devastated. Thank you for all the messages. Me and my wee mum appreciate it. We are broken and in total shock. Love you so much Alan. We will get justice for you.”

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