Who Is Jason Murray? Know About Supreme Court Lawyer Arguing Trump’s Colorado Ballet Case

Jason Murray is the new topic in the town, he has created headlines on every news channel and agency through his argument in the recent ballot case of former President Donald Trump. Since Jason Murray’s name popped up, thanks to the ballot case of Donald Trump in which Jason Murray argued on behalf of the citizens of Colorado, people on the internet are curiously seeking details of the aforementioned rising United States Supreme Court lawyer. Who is Jason Murray? This question is swirling in everyone’s mind. Several questions related to Jason Murray have been swirling in the public. To cater to their queries about the Supreme Court lawyer, we have discussed him in detail in the following sections. Continue reading this article and learn more.

Jason Murray
Jason Murray is an emerging American Supreme Court lawyer.

Who Is Jason Murray?

Since Jason Murray argued in Trump’s Colorado Ballet case, he has been the center of attraction in the town. He is arguing on behalf of his law firm and representing six voters who challenged Donald Trump’s ballot eligibility in the state. He is a prominent personality in the United States, who is known for his involvement in high-profile cases. He previously advocated for Neil Gorsuch and Justice Elena Kagan when he was on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Now many people are tuning in as the Supreme Court heard the argument of Donald Trump’s eligibility in the Colorado ballot to decide whether the former President can contest the 2024 ballot from the Colorado state. Meanwhile, attorney Jason Murray made the argument for citizens of Colorado who sued Donald Trump to keep him off of the ballot. Supreme Court attorney is very familiar with justices of the Supreme Court, who will take the final call on Trump’s eligibility to contest in 2024 polls from the Colorado state.

Jason Murray
Jason’s educational achievements helped him lay the foundation for his career. (Source: Scripps News)

Jason Murray is the owner of the Denver-based law firm that is known for its engagement with former Supreme Court law clerks. The Supreme Court will announce its decision on whether the court had the right to ban Donald Trump from the ballot. Attorney Jason Murray has a record with Gorsuch but did not appear to give him a leg up as he explained the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause. Gorsuch warned Jason Murray “I am not gonna say this again” when the justice repeatedly chided and interrupted Murray who did not directly answer his question.

When he argued on behalf of the voters of the Colorado state, he had a very positive opinion of his former bosses. In 2017, he wrote an opinion article about why Gorsuch who was nominated by Donald Trump and welded by liberals and conservatives as a justice on the Supreme Court. Jason Murray wrote, “Gorsuch will make an exceptional Supreme Court justice. He possesses a rare combination of intelligence, humility, and integrity, not to mention a fierce commitment to the rule of law.” As mentioned earlier, Murray also clerked for Kagan and Gorsuch when he was on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Jason Murray
Jason Murray’s family details have not made their way to the public. (Source: Times Now News)

In 2011, Murray earned a law degree from the law school manga cum laude. He is an alumna of Harvard University. He is currently 38 years of age, indicating he was born around 1986. In the judicial circle of the United States, Jason Murray is a young rising lawyer. When was studying during his undergraduate year, he worked as the president of the Harvard University Council. As per the reports, Jason is a trial lawyer and partner at Olson Grimley Kawanabe Hinchcliff & LLC based in Denver, Colorado where six voters challenged the eligibility of the former President to contest the 2024 ballot.

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