Fact check: Is BW Carlin Leaving Barstool? What Happened To Him?

The fans and followers of BW Carlin have been curiously scrounging the news articles and social media pages in a bid to get information about BW Carlin’s new job. Has BW Carlin left Barstool Sports? On social media, a story has evolved that BW Carlin is leaving Barstool. Is it true? Due to the lack of official statements and credible sources, netizens are perplexed if the story is true or not. Meanwhile, we did a deep study on it and prepared this article after analyzing the circling rumors about BW Carlin. In total, we have tried to cater to all the queries of BW Carlin’s fans, that are swirling in their minds related to his new job and leaving Barstool Sports. If you are also seeking the same information, then stick with this page and go through the article till the end. Drag down the page and take a look below.

BW Carlin
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Where Is BW Carlin Going? Has He Left Barstool Sports? Explained

Headlines are being formed BW Carlin is leaving Barstool Sports, leaving people in a frenzy because it has been a long time since BW Carlin left Barstool Sports. Yes, you heard it right, Bailey Carlin aka BW Carlin has quit Barstool. Even though it has been a long time since he left the job at Barstool it does not make any sense to read BW Carlin is leaving Barstool. So it is suggested that avoid the recently erupted news that BW Carlin is leaving Barstool News. It’s been quite a while now since he left Barstool but people on social media often ask questions about this development.

BW Carlin
BW Carlin left Barstool News in 2021 after serving there for over a year. ( Source: Instagram )

As far as we know, BW Carlin left Barstool back in 2021 after working there as a social media specialist and blogger. His leaving Barstool News rumors have just recently started circulating on the internet, leaving people speculating that BW Carlin is leaving the network which he already has left two years back. Upon investigating the origin of these rumors, we determined that the rumors originated from the official website of Barstool Sports where BW Carlin is still cited as a Barstool worker.

BW Carlin
BW Carlin left Barstool News in 2021 and is running his own business. ( Source: Instagram )

According to the reports, BW Carlin worked there for around a year after working as a social media editor and blogger for XFL for four months. Furthermore, Carlin also blogged about episodes of Token CEO and topics related to the podcast. In 2021, he publicly claimed that he was leaving Barstool. The video of Carlin saying he is leaving Barstool can still be found on YouTube. He discussed this matter at Friday Night Pints 51. Swipe down the page and read about his new job.

BW Carlin
BW Carlin has gained broad experience by working in various companies in the past. ( Source: Instagram )

Netizens are now getting eager to know what is BW Carlin’s new job and where he is pursuing his career. BW Carlin has often been asked about his new job or plans. This trend started when BW Carlin took to his Twitter handle and announced that he was leaving Barstool. Speaking of his new job, BW Carlin recently started his own company. He announced on Twitter, “Hey everyone, I have some big news. Next week is my last at Barstool. I’d never want to work for anyone else…which is why I’m not.”

His 9 April 2021 Twitter post further reads “I’ve formed my own company, Bad Brain Digital Consulting LLC, and will be out on my own. I always talk about betting on yourself, it’s time.” BW Carlin aka Bailey Carlin teaches Sports and Social Media at Marist. He kicked his career by working as a social media editor and gambling writer at Sports Illustrated. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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