Who Is Josef Mencik? Bio Of The Last Knight Of Czechoslovakia

In this article, we are going to learn about Josef Mencik Wikipedia. You might be thinking who is this person? So the name of this man is currently viral on social media. He was a soldier who was best known in 1938 for his heroic efforts to stop the German invasion of Czechoslovakia. he was a great man who was known for his bravery. He was a legend. A lot of people call him by several different names. So here we are going to share the bio of the last knight of Czechoslovakia. So read this article till the end and do not miss any line of this article.

Josef Mencik
Josef Mencik was very quiet and mysterious person. (Source: Twitter)

Who Is Josef Mencik?

Josef Mencik was the legend. He was known as Knight of Strakonice. He was recognized for his heroic bravery in 1938 in stopping the German invasion of Czechoslovakia. He was a fearless man who faced cannon-wielding swords in his home state. The heroic resistance to the Nazi invasion took place in circumstances that gained status as a symbol of the Czech resistance in World War 2. His heroic efforts to defend his country from its enemies testify to his patriotism and pride in his country. His life and legacy in Czech history marks turning points in the years leading up to World War 2. We have shared a lot of information in this article, so please read this article till the last.

Josef Mencik
Josef Mencik singlehandedly faced against a whole Nazi Army. (Source: Twitter)

Unfortunately, there is not any official dedicated Wikipedia available of Josef Mencik. But still, we have brought some information about him, which you can read in this article. He was born in 1911. He was raised in the Bohemian Forest in Czechoslovakia. He lived in the mansion without cars and electricity in Strakonice, his abode reflected Melnick’s unorthodox qualities. It has been described that he was quiet and did not reveal much about his upbringing or family history. The full-fledged details of his family are not available yet. It has been said that he used to find great satisfaction in defending Czechoslovakia. Please scroll down to the next paragraph to learn more about him.

Josef Mencik
Josef Mencik even attacked German tanks on his horse in full armor during World War 2. (Source: Twitter)

Josef Mencik’s territorial claims created problems in 1938 and he decided to oppose the nearby Nazi invasion. According to the sources he was officially dressed in the old military uniform and armed only with a sword, Mencik tried to intercept a German tank platoon on 30th September 1938. It has been claimed that they tried to enter the Czech border, his action did nothing but it raised a lot of huge laughs. There are a lot of images of the Knight of Strakonice where he was fighting with German tanks which came to represent Czech resilience. He was a brave man but his quixotic stand was his defining moment. Josef Mencick is no more in this world. He died several decades ago. As per the reports he died in 1989. he took his last breath at the age of 78. Keep reading this article till the last.

Josef Mencik made a remarkable effort to stop the German occupation which made him the local legend in Strakonice. He was a well-known personality in the history of Czech resistance to Nazi aggression. He was a very private man. He never used to talk about his personal life. Because of that, it is not known whom he was married to. But there is some speculation that he was married to Ema Mencikova. He was the father of two children with a daughter named Silvia Jozefina Foraiova. Many details about his children and marriage are not available. Mencik became popular because of his symbolic gesture in 1938 when he tried to stop the German invasion of Czechoslovakia. He can never be forgotten as he was a legend.

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