Who Are Her Brother And Sister?

Randi Martin and Pat Mahomes Sr. are the proud parents of Patrick Mahomes, who plays quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs in the National Football League.

Hailing from the small town of Troup, Texas, Randi is a small-town girl through and through.

She attended school with the same classmates from kindergarten until graduation day.

Her humble upbringing and close-knit family, who still live together in her childhood home, shaped Randi into the woman she is now.

When Patrick makes a wild throw or leads the Chiefs to victory, you can bet Randi and Pat Sr. are cheering the loudest.

They have supported Patrick every step of the way on his journey to superstardom.

No matter how famous their son gets, his down-to-earth parents will always be his biggest fans.

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Randi Martin Siblings: Who Are Her Brother And Sister?

Randi Martin has become a bit of an internet celebrity as the mother of superstar NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

While in the spotlight, Randi remains close with her family back home.

She is the youngest of four siblings: two older sisters named Jill Herrington and Lori Deal, and an older brother named Joey Martin.

Unlike Randi, who is more public-facing, her sisters and brother lead more private lives out of the public eye.

Randi Martin siblings
Randi Martin shared an image of her son, daughter including her mother (Source: Instagram)

They have not shared much personally or publicly about their families, children, careers, or interests.

While Randi is often seen supporting Patrick at Chiefs games and events, less is known about her tight-knit siblings back in Texas.

Though Randi frequently credits her humble upbringing and loving family for shaping who she is, one can assume she remains close with her siblings as she takes on the role of NFL mom.

Even if they shun the spotlight, one can speculate that Randi’s sisters and brother are also bursting with pride for their nephew Patrick as they cheer him on each week alongside their youngest sister.

Randi Martin Family Explored

Randi Martin was born in 1972 in Tyler, Texas, to Randy Martin and Debbie Bates Martin.

Her father, Randy, was a school principal who emphasised education.

Additionally, Randi graduated from Texas High School and credits her supportive parents and siblings for shaping the woman she became.

In the late 1990s, Randi married Patrick Mahomes Sr. On September 17, 1995, she gave birth to their son, Patrick Mahomes Jr. Randi and Patrick Sr. remain humble and supportive of their son’s football superstardom.

Randi and Pat divorced at some point while he was still playing baseball.

Randi Martin siblings
An adorable image of Randi Martin with her beloved son Patrick Mahomes (Source: New York Post)

Though no longer a couple, Randi and Pat remain amicable and actively co-parent their kids. They often attend events together to support their children.

Since the split, Randi has stayed single and has not remarried or had any known boyfriends.

She continues to prioritise parenting and remains on good terms with her ex-husband Pat as they cheer on their son Patrick Mahomes’ football career.

Both parents influenced Patrick’s athletic career. Randi emphasised education and made sure Patrick saw “student” as more important than “athlete.” She is satisfied that her son is living his dream.

In an interview, she shared that even though it feels like a whirlwind, she tackles each day with enthusiasm and enjoys every moment.

Her unwavering belief in her son’s abilities has been her rock, propelling him forward in his sports journey with the certainty that he’s destined for greatness.

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